Janelle, Janelle, JANELLE!!!

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So let me just start off by saying I just can’t even handle life right now…(in a good way)! As I was watching OTRC (On The Red Carpet) before the Oscar’s Sunday night I was thinking to myself I’m gonna do the usual Top 10 Best Looks of the night and then I saw Janelle Monae take the carpet and OMG was I blown away! Immediately I thought to myself, “no, this young lady deserves a post of her own”….Janelle, Janelle, JANELLE!!!

Photo credit: WWD /racked.com
Photo credit: WWD /racked.com

Let me first say that for the most part everyone was pretty on point with their attire for the night but Janelle Monae literally took breathes away. I mean I think her stylist Maeve Reilly needs an Oscar for putting this look together for her.

Photo Credit: Christopher Polk/ Getty Images
Photo Credit: Christopher Polk/ Getty Images


Janelle donned a dress by Elie Saab from his couture collection last year (which I’m just now realizing how much I love Elie Saab because every Oscar my favorite dress ends up being designed by Elie Saab) and a headpiece by Jennifer Behr that runs for about $750 called the Artemisia Crystal Crown. The crown was very fitting for this ensemble because it seems a lot of people are now referring to Monae as a Queen. Monae’s cesar haircut also complimented the look very well. What more can I really say? Everything just flowed so nicely.

It’s not that the world was shocked to see Monae in a dress like this but more so shocked that she didn’t try and go her usual route of menswear for women. It was nice to see such a drastic change in appearance. This really helps keep people on their toes and in turn wanting more from you next time. Though I’m really not sure where else you could go after this…stunning Janelle…simply stunning!



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Janelle, Janelle, JANELLE!!!