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Keep your Summer GLOW as Fall sets in.


Even though Summer has left us to fend off the breezy sweater weather alone, I still want maintain my clear complexion and succulent glow. I was pretty hesitant about using serums due to the prices, but Valijean Labs came to the rescue. I just love their collection which is sold at Urban Outfitters, but i snagged mine for just $6 at Marshalls. Talk about beauty on a budget!!! The light and silky serum seals the skin for a healthier glow, the best part about the serum is that you can wear it at night after you wash your face or during the day underneath your daily moisturizer.

I highly recommend the “glow” serum to maintain that healthy and even toned complexion. The main ingredients in the serum is Vitamin C and Magnesium. Valijean Labs has two other serums as well. The Hydrate serum, and The Restore serum. Its essential for your skin to look its best during harsh weather so why spend hundreds of dollars on other brands when you can save your money and your skin on limited budget.


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