“Galaxy” by Fenty Beauty debuts Friday The 13th.

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Who’s excited for the new holiday collection?

Rihanna is not here to play any games! Her Beauty brand, Fenty Beauty is set to release its first Holiday collection this Friday, October 13th exclusively with Sephora. Riri recently debuted her makeup line a little under two months ago, and already has a holiday collection coming out!!! Talk about high demand. The make up industry is a very profitable market these days. Tons of celebrities are venturing out into beauty and cosmetic deals. Fellow Make up mogul Kylie Jenner started her brand with the basic lip kits. Since then has released full collections featuring, eye shadow, blush, utensils, brushes, eyeliner, etc. Kylie Cosmetics is worth $420 million dollars..making this reality star turned mogul a very rich young woman.

Supermodel, Claudia Schiffer has also joined the make up business by teaming up with artdeco and creating a make up line that ranges from brightly hued color cosmetics such as, smoky eye shadows, creamy foundations, lipsticks, etc. Beauty is sitting at the forefront of pop culture. Demanding the attention from consumers all around the world. The beauty business is not slowing down Rihanna because she is still designing clothes, making movies, and recording an album. Do your thing riri, do your thing!

Visit the link below to get more information on the new GALAXY collection.




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  • Garrett
    April 23, 2019

    I spent a great deal of time to find something like this

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“Galaxy” by Fenty Beauty debuts Friday The 13th.