C+plus SERIES AW21 Designs Debuts at NYFW

C+plus SERIES AW21 Designs Debuts at NYFW

On  February 17th at 9:30 am designer C.T. Liu revealed his C+plus SERIES Autumn/Winter 2021 collection with a digital show for New York Fashion Week.

The collection was inspired by Sigmund Freud and his concept of the id, ego, and super-ego. “within the psychoanalytic theory that describes the activities and interactions of the mental life of a person – where that mental life is the function of an apparatus to which we ascribe the characteristics of being extended in space – Liu creates a narrative within the A/W21 collection based on this imaginative psychological scenery of an extended space,” stated in the press release.

Lui completes his mission through design as his choices create a futuristic collection of clothing that leaves the audience thinking. The virtual fashion show only emphasizes this with the video looking like it takes place in space creating a great conceptual design element.

The collection titled “Awaking Consciousness” portrays a galactic story through its use of modern and strong silhouettes,  in bold and vibrant colors. This is supposed to represent “self-consciousness and awakening”. Cut with romantic fabrics, this represents that “there is a balance of natural instinct and the possibility of self-selection while retaining neutral elements and simple silhouettes to pursue the essence of the true ego.”

The use of soft and sturdy fabric is twisted and gathered to create “deceiving wearability, function, and experimentation.” The Deconstruction techniques applied to the pleated skirts are meant for daily wear to try and “breakthrough tamed routine and cognition, exploring the awakening of the super-ego.” The elevated design elements in the collection such as “layering and playful asymmetry underscore an alluringly confident and subversive approach to empowering everyday design.”

The designer founded the company in 2018, with the intention of exploring simplicity without over-complication, while exploring various design elements. Now Lui explores the inner empty life form and the non-conscious organisms.

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