AMI X K-Way Collaborate On New Rain Gear!

AMI X K-Way Collaborate On New Rain Gear!

AMI, a Paris based cult menswear label has partnered with K-Way, another brand started in Paris and what a way to go! Alexandre Mattiusi initiated AMI in 2011 and has since developed a great following of young men, holding a casual and easy-going image.

K-Way on the other hand, began in 1965 with Leon Claude Duhammel targeting the weather specifically, a decent strategy for selling garments that was a storm throughout the decades. The waterproof jackets and windbreakers have a nice fit with just enough material.

Alexandre Mattiusi mentioned, “I like to work with brands that I have a connection with, often a certain nostalgia. I had a K-way when I was a kid, and I still wear one now.” The rain can do that–trigger memories, and it’s all about what you’re wearing that complements the moment.

The Fall 2018 capsule collection has 3 models: Claude AMI–a candy striped mid-length zip-up, Eiffel AMI– a longer length bi-color zip-up, and Richard AMI a dual color mid-length hooded zip-up. All models come in red and blue versions. Again, the fabric keeps you warm enough but is light enough to make you feel comfortable. There’s something about stripes and the rain that feels cool. You can get creative with colors branching from the stripe pattern and with the fog or wind, a little boost of inspiration with the ease of selection can pose a great thing!

The merchandise will be for sale as of August 31st at K-way and AMI stores and on , selling for approximately $135-315.

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