Spring Break Travel

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PC: John Sharp

If your spring break is coming up this week and you’re looking for some last minute travel ideas, you’re probably not alone. Last year’s two-week long spring break was hardly a welcome vacation. Our quarantine might not look exactly the same this year, but we still have to be more careful than our 2020 selves thought we’d have to be. Since travel has less of a stigma this year, make sure to do it safely in some socially-distant places. 

PC: www.trappfamily.com

If you’re a movie buff who wants some solitude in the mountains, then the Trapp Family Lodge will be a picturesque oasis away from the increasingly bustling big cities. The story behind the real von Trapp family is set with the breath-taking backdrop of the sweeping mountains in Vermont. The accompanying resort has plenty of amenities to give you the full wholesome experience. 

If you want some alone time on the sand, there are beaches all over the country with what might not be the greatest reputations, clearest water, or softest sand; but secluded tropical areas are a must. Maybe you also need to work on that golden tan that 2020’s quarantine made you neglect. You might be one of the lucky ones with a beach right in their own hometowns; but if not, a trip to your closest beach will be just the ticket. 

PC: Jeremy Schoolfield

As more and more people get pumped with the COVID vaccine, less people are stressing about the possibility of visiting a theme park. I wouldn’t blame you for still being wary, but with trust in the proper precautions taking place, you might once again be able to enjoy the majestic rides at Disney or the cinematic thrillers at Universal Studios for their new limited attraction.  

This season brings the most perfect weather of the year. Get ready to bask in the spring sun in whatever safe little corner of the world you choose to vacation in. Happy travels!


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