How To Spend A Day In Portland, Maine

How To Spend A Day In Portland, Maine

Bon Appetite named Portland, Maine the 2018 best restaurant city of the year. The accolade is now four years old, and the hype still holds true, while the crowds have faded, making it the perfect place to visit. In my opinion, the city holds a certain charm in every season, with the tourist season highest in the summer. Here’s my guide to 24 hours in Portland, for any time of the year. 

Start your day at Tandem Bakery

Either of their two locations will do just fine. Order a coffee to your liking and browse their selection of fresh baked goods, you really can’t go wrong here. Notice the people and the vibe here, this is a favorite to locals and visitors alike. 

Walk through the Old Port

Now that you’re caffeinated and no longer painfully hungry, stroll down to the historic Old Port. Here you can meander into shops, and take in the bustle of a working port. Cobblestone streets here are quaint even when busy, which makes for a lovely morning walk. 

Time for a Lobster Roll

Like New Yorkers are with Pizza, and Boston natives are with Cannolis, Mainers are proud of their lobster roll status. Naturally, there is some debate amongst the locals as to which establishment’s roll gets to be crowned the king. I believe it’s a matter of preference, and my favorite lobster roll lives at Eventide Oyster Co. While you’re there, have a few oysters with their tabasco ice, it’s only fitting. 

Soak in the views on the Eastern Promenade

This walk is nothing short of a scenic masterpiece. Here you have an ocean vista to one side and a view of the city’s harbor to the other. Wooded and paved trails weave along this 68.2-acre public park, friendly to dogs, kids, adults, and everything in between. 

Hungry again? Time for dinner(s)

It’s unrealistic to eat dinner at multiple restaurants in one night, especially in Portland where the food/bar scene is popping. But truly, there is not one place I could recommend. Scales is excellent for its fresh seafood and relaxed upscale dining. Evoo Kitchen+ Bar is on the more expensive side, but sharing small plates with a date here is a must. If you’re looking for something more quick and casual, Honeypaw will knock your socks off. And Flatbread, is of course always a good time, if you’re in the mood for pizza. 

Wherever you choose to go for dinner, you won’t be disappointed. Even if you stray from this list entirely, I have no doubt you’ll discover Portlands charm all on your own.

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