Seasonal Travel Guide

Seasonal Travel Guide

(Image is taken from NPR)

Here’s a comprehensive list of the best times to travel to some of the most coveted travel destinations around the world. 


European travel is appropriate any time of the year. Historic landmarks and great food are present all 365 days. However, it’s the summer months when European’s gorgeous coastlines sparkle in the sun, and the sea is the bluest. For that iconic European coastal feel, June to September are the best months to visit.


Springtime is when the northern regions of Asia are dusted with colorful flowers, boasting particularly spectacular landscapes. From March to May, the climate in this northen region is mild, while summer brings monsoons and humidity, and winters are very cold. 

Souteast Asia has significant variation across desired destination. It’s best to visit mainland Souteast Asia and the Phillipines during the cool, dry season, which lasts from November to April while Indonesia is drier from April to October. 

Caribbean Islands

The Carribbean islands are pleasnt all year round. You can enjoy lots of sun, sandy beaches and clear blue water anytime of the year, but the islands experience their most ideal weather from February to May, and their least ideal weather from July to November. 


There’s reason to visit Iceland in every season. In the winter, you can sight the northern lights, while still relaxing in the natural hot springs that Iceland offers. In the summer, you can chase the midnight sun, and enjoy long hours of daylight. Icealnd is most crowded in the summer. 

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