6 Spots To Visit While In Samana, Dominican Republic

Samana, Dominican Republic

6 Spots To Visit While In Samana, Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is the quintessential Caribbean hot spot to go to at any time of the year. Beaches, lagoons, waterfalls, forest farms, colonial architecture, deep-rooted history of Taino Native people, endless rum, beautiful marine ecosystems, humpback whale tours, Presidente beer, delicious food, and the music genres of Bachata, Merengue, Merengue Tipico, and Dembow to name a few things to enjoy in this paradise of a place. 

Every cornerstone of the Dominican Republic is in tune with its rich tropical culture with deep indigenous roots, scenic views of traditional wooden houses with bright colorful exteriors, horse ranches, and tropical mountain forests that echoes wildlife in its natural habit. This get-away will stimulate all the senses. 

Here are the top 6 things to do when visiting Samana, Dominican Republic:

  1. Cayo Levantado 

Take a Boat Taxi from Samaná Bay and venture out three miles away from the endless beaches to a small, picturesque island, Cayo Levantado. Pristine white sands and palm-fringed trees surround this laidback Caribbean paradise of a place. Spend your day swimming, sunbathing, kayaking, or paddleboarding. 

Eat fresh fish and other seafood delicacies while sipping on some Pina Colada. 

  1. Humpback Whale Watching 

A home for Humpback Whales where thousands of people visit each year to watch during their mating season in Samana. If you are planning to visit Samana make sure to book those tickets between January 15th and March 30th for humpback whale watching. Give yourself a little history while visiting Museo de las Ballenas (the Humpback Whale Museum) afterward. 

  1. Avenida de La Marina 

Samaná Bay is a scenic beauty with its views of traditional wooden houses with bright colorful exteriors. Any photographer or filmmaker would fall in love with a backdrop of palm-fringed forests and endless beaches as you walk down these streets in the Dominican Republic. A seaside promenade that is a sight for sore eyes is the town of  Santa Bárbara de Samaná. Relax on shaded benches while viewing the bay waters of anchored boats ready to take you out to sea to explore fishing, paddle boarding, and snorkeling.

  1. Juana Vicente Ziplines 

Glide above rolling hills, dense tropical forests, and take in the ultimate panoramic views of Los Haitises National Park. Enjoy ten zipline courses running a length of 1,087 miles across 20 platforms that fly you above the peninsula’s beautiful landscapes. A day of pure naturesque Amazonia within Samana’s tropical forests while you glide through the sounds of nature. 

  1. Cascada Limon

You can hike up the rugged terrain of the Dominican Republic’s tallest falls by foot or go horseback riding through the steep mountain passes. A trip to El Limón Waterfall (Cascada El Limón) is the ultimate Dominican Republic experience. Crested mountaintops that stretch some 2,100 feet into the sky with tropical plants, like coffee and cocoa, and lead you to one of the most beautiful cascades Samana has to offer. The picturesque Caribbean landscape isn’t all you’ll get; a crystal-clear natural waterfall that offers tired travelers the perfect place to wash off after an exploration of the mountains. 

  1. Taino Park

Taino park is one of the biggest historic parks in the Caribbean. It is a reproduction of the history of the Taino Indians, the indigenous people of the Dominican Republic.  It is a replication of Taino life and the conflict with the Spanish conquerors of the famed explorer Christopher Columbus. Taino park showcases an incredible scenewright with figures made of fiberglass with ornate costumes. The park allows visitors to bear witness to the events that changed the lives of the tribes that inherited the island. Unique life-sized figures depict the peaceful life and deadly battles of the Taino people. A trip of the past that explores an hour of what happened more than 1,500 years ago. A cultural attraction for a unique concept that includes bone fragments, clay pots, and stone carvings that have been excavated. Travelers can explore the grounds on their own, or with a personal audio guide, which is available in several languages.

Samana has many wonders, historical landmarks, scenic views of beaches, forest mountains, humpback whales, water activities, and tropical sultriness to offer anyone who wants to enjoy a couple of days in the Dominican Republic.

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