2021 Travel Spots: Cozumel, Mexico

2021 Travel Spots: Cozumel, Mexico

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There’s a reason why Mexico has always been a highly sought-after vacation destination. Cozumel is the perfect spot for a tropical getaway in a place that may not be universally thought of for a vacation spot.



Still, there’s a reason why it’s a favorite amongst the world’s biggest cruise liners. Here’s why…

One of the crowned jewels of the island is the diverse ecosystem of coral reefs in the surrounding waters. For tourists, the unique sightseeing experience below the ocean’s surface is a main attraction. One of the most popular and beautiful points for that would be the all-inclusive San Francisco Beach Club. A full day on the island can be spent entirely on the water. If you’re afraid of the ocean, you can still experience the unique marine life from the safety of a glass-bottom boat. 

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Taking a cruise into the island will have you dock right at a shopping and drinking hub. Take a stop at Señor Frogs for a healthy buzz before relaxing on the beach. Pro-tip: as with any vacation in Mexico, it’s important to avoid drinking the tap water. To avoid possible digestive problems, stick with bottled water in between your rounds of margaritas and tequila sunrises. A cruise will give you limited time on the island, so if you want to explore more that they have to offer, then Mardi Gras would be the perfect time to book yourself a flight. 

In a post-vaccine world, where Mardi Gras is more of a free-for-all commemorative of a pre-COVID world, Cozumel will be a prime party destination. Aside from the beautiful views, it’s also a very safe part of the country with low crime rates and extremely rare violent crime rates. Cozumel is a tropical favorite, and a safe bet for a relaxing and memorable vacation.

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