Top 5 Sports in College

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A college is a place where most students feel obligated to be on a college sports team. However, looking for a sports activity can be challenging for students who have never played sports in their lives. That is why we have come up with the top five sports in college.



Lacrosse is a sport that is not recognized in many college’s sports programs. Who knows, maybe even you have heard of it the first time here. Nevertheless, that does not mean that the sport is not good enough or interesting. To persuade you further, you must know about the origins and benefits of lacrosse. Native American Indians first played this game and named it ‘stickball.’ This game is played in an open airfield. A small ball was tossed in the air to initiate the game. Players had to catch the ball with a net attached to a stick they were holding. To win the game, you had to catch the ball and dodge the players stopping you from throwing it towards a set goal. If the ball ever touched your hand, then it was considered a foul. Also, there were no boundaries whatsoever. The benefits of playing lacrosse are:

  • Intense training – Playing lacrosse makes your body exert force constantly. All your body parts are in movement all the time. This builds up your stamina as well as strength.
  • Team development – There are not many sports that promote teamwork features in a person. With the help of lacrosse, you can quickly build yourself to work in a team. This will help you significantly in your professional life.
  • Endurance – The high demand for greater strength and exertion pushes the limits of your body. Consequently, breaking your average performance limit on the field and building more endurance.
  • Strategy build – Improving your strategic abilities is a quality that few sports provide their players with. Luckily, lacrosse helps you enhance your field strategy and vision.

Playing sports in college is a healthy routine. However, sports can be addictive if you are good at them. Sometimes, people even tend to miss out on their essay assignments for sporting activities. So, if you ever find yourself in such a situation, you can always seek help from perfect essays.


If you are looking for the most popular college sports, going with soccer should be your choice. Soccer is a worldwide famous game, played among many countries. This game is also commonly known as football. Soccer in its years grew its fame rapidly than any other sport. It was an honor for a student in college to be on the football team. Also, sometimes one’s coolness was measured if they made it to the college’s football team in their sophomore year. The history of football is quite complicated as it is still unclear whether where it initially originated from. However, it is known that soccer is more than two-thousand-year-old sports and was transitioned by England first. This game is relatively easy to play. Two teams can play at a time, each consisting of eleven players on one side. The ball is placed at the center of the field to initiate the game, and the team who wins the toss gets to kick the ball first. To win the game, you need to kick the ball towards a specific set goal at the end of the field.

The rules are simple, touching of hand on the ball is considered a foul. Also, if the ball goes outside the boundary, the opponent team gets the ball. However, soccer is not all about having fun. It is highly beneficial to the human body physically, making it the top college sport.


  • Muscles – Playing soccer helps you do the workout you can only do in the gym. It constantly keeps all the muscles active in your body. Consequently tearing them and later enhancing them.
  • Body fat – For people who are the victim of obesity and laziness, football is the cure for you. It shreds all the fat accumulated in your body due to constant running.
  • Durability – Playing soccer in a routine will help you build up your stamina, even from scratch, if you lack it. The constant exertion of the muscles challenges your abilities and eventually lets you break through the barrier.


Table Tennis

Table tennis, also known as ping pong ball, became the most played university sports throughout the time immediately. This game was originated in England in the twentieth century and quickly became one of the most liked games among teenagers. Table tennis is a game that lets you socialize and improve your physical health simultaneously. This is the kind of sport that every student likes to play, even those overly cautious about injuries. Apart from that, its benefits are pretty shockingly impressive.

  • Enhances hand-eye coordination – If your reflexes are slow, playing table tennis is in your best interests. It improves your mental alertness and quickens your decision-making.
  • Better for deteriorated joints – Table tennis is a remedy for people with fractured or dislocated joints. Even physiotherapists prescribe their patients to play table tennis as the constant movement of their body joints will cure them relatively fast
  • Diminishing calories – Your calories are your worst enemy if they take over your body. Many college students quickly become victims of obesity due to extra hours of studying. That is why table tennis is known as one of the best college sports programs.


Cricket is a complex sport that requires great skill to master. That is why it is not a famous sport among college teenagers like the others. Many rules of this game add to its complexity. However, that does not mean that you shouldn’t play it. The benefits of cricket are,

  • Eye-sensitivity – Your coordination between the eye and the hand improves.
  • Constant exertion – The constant working and tearing of your muscles, improving their durability.
  • Socialize – Even the introverts playing this game can make friends within the field as the game demands constant chatting between team members.

American Football

American football, also known as rugby and is one of the best overall college athletic programs. If you are looking for a bit of thrill and hustle in your sports, this activity is for you. However, rugby can be a little rough physically; that is why you need to be extremely careful about choosing it.


It is essential to choose your sports in college. No matter how much you avoid it, you would still be forced into it because it is academically essential. Luckily, we have come up with some of the top sports colleges that can offer you. Choose wisely!


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