Pierce Feels Underappreciated by NBA Fans

Pierce and Wade

Pierce Feels Underappreciated by NBA Fans

NBA Hall of Famer Paul Pierce pushes a case that he is better than Dwyane Wade. This debate has been controversial since Pierce said he was better than Wade in 2019.

On April 6, 2019, Pierce was on NBA Countdown when he said he was better than 13x All-Star Dwyane Wade. Pierce’s comments uproared people on social media, including Wade. 

After so much buzz about who was better, ESPN did a segment comparing the two champion’s stats. Wade beat Pierce in multiple categories: points per game, All-NBA teams, All-Star appearances, and NBA championships. 

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Pierce however stood his ground and acknowledged Wade is a great player, but he says he is better than Wade. He said people forgot about his career before the trio of him, Kevin Garnett, and Ray Allen came together. Before the big three, Pierce scored 23.3 points per game and made two All-NBA teams. 

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It Is What It Is Podcast

Pierce would be a special guest on New York rappers,’ Camron and Mase’s podcast It Is What It Is when the debate sparked again. 

First, the debate was about whether Pierce was better than LeBron James. Pierce said, “No I’m not better than LeBron, but any given day I can be.”

After Pierce said that, Camron would ask if he is better than Wade. Pierce said of course Wade has more accolades than him, but if you want a bucket to win a closeout game he’s more reliable. 

In the final 10 seconds of a game, both D-Wade and Pierce are 15-for-69 from the field. 

Pierce rambles on saying if he had Shaquille O’Neal, LeBron, and Chris Bosh on his team he’ll win rings too, or he would even win more rings.  

He believes his time in the NBA goes underappreciated because he didn’t play with a lot of good players like D-Wade did. 

Who’s Better Overall

Although Pierce stood his ground stating why he is better than Wade, his statements aren’t beating statistics. Despite having All-Star teammates, Wade has the accolades proving he is better than Pierce. 

It’s not a knock on Pierce to say he can’t compete with Wade because the debate isn’t that far off, but Wade had a better career than Pierce and Wade was a better all-around player than him too.

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