Kansas Chiefs Star Patrick Mahomes Is Closing In On Some Impressive Records

Kansas Chiefs Star Patrick Mahomes Is Closing In On Some Impressive Records

The Kansas City Chiefs have had a very busy bye week, and so has quarterback Patrick Mahomes.

The Chiefs got their superstar QB all excited by landing wide receiver Kadarius Toney in a trade from the New York Giants. Kansas City sent a conditional third-round pick and a sixth-round pick the other way in exchange and the acquisition is likely to boost their Super Bowl prospects. The Chiefs are already among the betting favorites to win it all at the end of the season, with outlets such as FanDuel Kansas offering odds on NFL futures.

As for Mahomes, the former MVP has had his hands full. Women’s pro soccer team, the Kansas City Current, partly owned by his wife Brittany, will be facing off with the Portland Thorns for the NWSL championship in Washington D.C. this coming Saturday. The Kansas City Royals, which Mahomes has a keen interest in, are in the process of hiring a new manager.

It’s not all business for the QB, though, he’s also finding some time to play the popular first-person shooter title Call of Duty with his friends. Mahomes swears playing COD with the likes of JuJu Smith-Schuster, Travis Kelce and Marquez Valdes-Scantling helped improve his communication with said teammates.

Mahomes did seem to be on the same wavelength with the new KC tight end, which resulted in a 44-23 win against the San Francisco 49ers and allowed the Chiefs to go into their bye week on a high, sitting on top of the AFC West.

“I don’t play all the time,” said, per the Associated Press. “I had a free night on Friday, so I told them, ‘I’ll get on with y’all for a little while.’ It was me, Travis, Marquez and JuJu. Marquez and JuJu are really good. Me and Travis are just all right. We did our part and we went three-for-three with three wins in Warzone, which I don’t do often.

“So I felt pretty good about it going into the game.”

To be fair, there was no reason to feel any other way heading into the game, the first half of the season has gone a lot better than it could have when you consider the Chiefs have had to deal with losing Tyreek Hill.

Despite the loss, though, the quarterback keeps putting up great starts and currently leads the league in touchdown passes with 20, yards passing with 2,159 and passer rating at 109.5 – and that’s all while going against three defenses which are in the top 10 this season.

Mahomes threw for 423 yards and three TDs against the 49ers, with Valdes-Scantling making three catches for 111 yards and Smith-Schuster snatching seven passes out of the air for 124. For the first time, Mahomes had two teammates receive for north of 100 yards who weren’t Kelce or Hill.

“Patrick Mahomes is the definition of a Hall of Famer. He’s changed the game,” said Bills pass rusher Von Miller. “Nobody has ever played the game like he has. He’s left a mark on our sport, left a mark on our league. And he’s influenced his teammates to play at a higher level than they normally would.”

The Chiefs’ last win marked the 55th in Mahomes first 70 games as a starter and left him tying Hall of Famer Ken Stabler for the second most at the current stage in a professional career. Only one other player, Otter Graham, has gotten off to a better start since the league started keeping track of such stats in 1950.

Mahomes also passed Trent Green for the second-most passes completed in a career with 1,726, and he only needs another 360 yards to pass the latter for second in yards passing. At the rate he’s going, Mahomes should pass the No.1 man, Len Dawson, at some point next season. The Hall of Famer made 28,507.

The Chiefs star is also closing on Lenny the Cool’s record for touchdown passes, which stands at 237.

“He’s too crazy fun,” legendary QB and Hall of Famer Joe Montana remarked. “He does everything you tell every quarterback you can’t do or don’t do. He does all of it and does it well.

You don’t throw off your back foot, don’t go this way, don’t throw sidearm, don’t throw late down the middle. He is one of the most talented guys that you’ll see in that position.

“Some guys just have that innate ability to look down field and try to make a play,” Chiefs offensive coordinator Eric Bieniemy added. “He has that pilot vision eyes where he can see the entire field. Some guys don’t have that where they can basically see a flag being thrown from their left and also understand, ‘I have receivers potentially open down field,’ because the defense slacked off. So, we’re encouraging that. We want him to try (to) make a play whenever possible.”

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