The UK Plan To House Migrants

The UK Plan To House Migrants

The UK government will set up basic accommodations in unused military bases for migrants rather than hotels. In addition, housing them in vessels is another option.

Putting migrants in military barracks receives criticism by rights groups for not providing adequate housing. Human rights advocates condemned the new proposal as the “latest cruel scheme” targeting people who have endured “unimaginable struggles.”

A vast majority of migrants seeking asylum used to not come to UK; more so because of the deadly crossing. Now, the number of migrants going through the deadly crossing between Britain and France has skyrocketed and they actually survive their refuge. In 2022, 45,755 people crossed in small boats, according to UK government data. About 3,770 people made the crossing this year. This has added to the number of unprocessed asylum claims in the UK, piling pressure on an immigration system which critics say is neglected and failing.

The UK Price on Ethics

Immigrant minister Robert Jenrick and Prime Minister Rishi Sunak believes the move will tackle illegal immigration; not to mention, it deters from the “perverse incentive” of hotel accommodation. The contracted use of hotels envisioned to be a temporary measure, but it strains the asylum accommodation system. The cost of housing asylum seekers in hotels has increased over the past year, now exceeding £6 million ($7.4 million) a day. Jenrick believes the asylum system overwhelmed many hotels. While he wants to fix the issues, his #1 concern is to protect the wellbeing of British people.

Enver Solomon, CEO of the charity Refugee Council, says the announcements “do not provide any serious, workable solutions.”

“They won’t address the challenges of the system the government itself admits is failing due to its own mismanagement,” Solomon told CNN. “Instead we should be providing accommodation which treats people with humanity, dignity and compassion, not barges and shipping containers.”

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