Aesop Rock Drops “All City Nerve Map”

Aesop Rock Drops “All City Nerve Map”

Long Island hip-hop artist Aesop Rock recently shares a self-directed video for his single, “All City Nerve Map.”

This comes after the recent release of his album, Integrated Tech Solutions which the single will be a part of.

“All City Nerve” video still. Courtesy of Trevor De Brauw pr.

Furthermore, the new video stays true to a a DIY aesthetic theme. In the beginning, for instance, viewers see chipped, wrecked walls. As well as seemingly misplaced furniture adding to the rough, unpolished layout of the room. This background is part of an abandoned house which matches well with the genuine lyrics Aesop Rock sings throughout the video. In the foreground is a blurred out Aesop Rock rhyming in the semi-darkness. Building on a grimy, yet fresh ambience. For that reason, the album’s fictional corporate namesake, (not a cult) shared the following as an official statement for the video release. ““People outside the ITS ecosystem often ask–‘What does ITS™ actually do?’ and ‘What will I be able to do with ITS that I couldn’t do myself?’ Our answer is always the same: ‘All type of shit’™”

More on Integrated Tech Solutions

Integrated Tech Solutions has 18 incredible tracks with sounds from the past and future. Surely enough, the tracks’s titles are offbeat and fierce enough to tempt one to tune in and listen! The album features many hip-hop artists. Such as Billy Woods, Hanni El Khatib, Rob Sonic, Nikki Jean, and Lealani. Thus, they help build a smooth, psychedelic production style available now on all streaming platforms.

Integrated Tech Solutions cover artwork. Courtesy of Trevor De Brauw pr.

The Tracks

  1. The ITS Way
  2. Mindful Solutionism
  3. Infinity Fill Goose Down
  4. Living Curfew (set. billy woods)
  5. Pigeonometry
  6. Kyanite Toothpick (feat. Hanna El Khatib)
  7. 100 Feet Tall
  8. Salt and Pepper Squid
  9. Time Moves Differently Here
  10. Aggressive Steven
  11. Bermuda (feat. Lealani)
  12. By The River
  13. All City Nerve Map
  14. Forward Compatibility Engine (feat. Rob Sonic)
  15. On Failure
  16. Solid Gold
  17. Vititus
  18. Black Snow (feat. Nikki Jean)

Video streams for a few of the album’s tracks

First watch the “Kyanite Toothpick” video on Youtube.

Video provided by Rhymesayers Entertainment on YouTube.

Second is the “Mindful Solutionism” video on YouTube.

Video from Rhymesayers Entertainment on YouTube.

Third, watch the “By The River” video

Video by Rhymsayers Entertainment on Youtube.

Lastly, for more information on the latest music by Aesop Rock, log on to his website: And follow his Instagram @aesoprocktwins. In the same fashion, feel free to log on to Rhymesayers Entertainment’s website: Or follow them on their Instagram page @rhymsayers. .

Featured Image of Aesop Rock by Ben Colen.

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