Weekly Picks: Songs You Want to Know

Weekly Picks: Songs You Want to Know

Whether or not you wake up excited for the start of a new week, a little pick-me-up can never hurt. For those of you looking for some mental stimulation from new music, here are my picks of five weekly songs from artists we should all know: 



  • KeiyaA, “I! Gets! Weary!” 


From bandcamp.com

While there is not really a genre that KeiyaA narrowly fits into, this song can be described as a dance-jazz alternative r&b fusion, with a light bass drum to get you moving to the beat. The song speaks to KeiyaA’s weariness in her existence as a successful artist and as a black woman– ultimately, she longs for peace.



  • Liv.e, “Lessons From My Mistakes…but I Lost You” 


From bandcamp.com

In this song, one thing is for certain: Liv.e is learning from the trials and tribulations of her life. She does so accompanied by light drums and a narrative-like melody from the bell-sounds of the mbira. 



  • GIANNI, “Everyday People”

From spotify.com


Accompanied by this list’s trend of bell-infused production, GIANNI reflects on the woes of everyday people. He is distraught by the state of the world, and trying to look to love for a sense of hope. 



  • Sam Truth, “Burnt Houses” 

From spotify.com


With Synths and soft drum beats, Sam truth takes us to an eerie world where he confronts someone who ultimately does not deserve to be in his life, no matter how much he may want them there. 



  • Chynna, “Stupkid” 

From spotify.com

Here, the late Chynna reflects on her frustration in trying to face what she already knows about someone who may complicate her more than they complement her. She does this with a flow and tempo that is bound to cause a head bop.

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