Toosii Unveils New Single And Video, “Heart Cold”


Toosii Unveils New Single And Video, “Heart Cold”

Toosii – who is a member of the 2021 XXL Freshman Class shared a
brand new song and video, “heart cold.” In the song, Toosii seems to be getting heated with his reaction to a break-up that somehow quickly turns to memories of other losses. He features friends whose lives were taken
on the streets. He expresses that the streets are “the devil’s playground.”

As a defensive reaction to the pain, it is easy to grow cold. Toosii admits, “Got a good
head on my shoulders, but my heart is missin” yet emerges with fresh resolve to build something
that no one can take away from him. Toosii is no surprise when it comes to sharing his struggles,
and his motivation through his music.

In the official video, Toosii performs alone, in the bright North Carolina summer sun, as
flashbacks take him back to time spent with his ex and friends. The clip was directed by
NORATCHETSS, who helmed the official video for Toosii’s “Poetic Pain,” which has amassed
nearly 20 million views.

The reflective vibe of “heart cold” contrasts with the lush tone of his recent videos for “red
die” and “f**k marry kill.” Both of these two songs appear on Thank You For Believing (South
Coast Music Group/Capitol Records).

The mixtape earned praise from critics and tastemakers like The Fader, Complex, The
Source, UPROXX, HotNewHipHop, and more. Toosii also recently surpassed one billion
combined global streams across all of his songs, proof that his music is resonating with listeners too.

For this song, Toosii recorded the song with producers Ant Chamberlain, Tymepce and

The new song also features many quotable lyrics that will definitely be seen all over
social media.

Some quotes include:
I know that the devil got a side, but it ain’t mine
I’ma look you dead inside your eyes, tell the truth, know I ain’t lying
I told bro to flip the whip, make sure they can’t slide
He done died once, he a cat, now he got eight lives
On the other hand, I’m a G, bitch, I got one until it’s done
And my homie was too gangster, he ain’t died to no gun
My other homie was too gangster, but he died in the slums
Life fucked up, it’s like you flip a coin and hope you luck up

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