Motown’s Visual Release for Emanuel New Ballad

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Motown Records’ artist Emanuel released his new black and white visual for his new acapella cover track for “Thought It’d Be Easy” off his first EP, Session 1: Disillusion on Valentines. Be sure to check it out


Emanuel Artistic Visual Take on Music Sparks

This Toronto-born rising R&B star takes a more emotional and passionate approach to his music. He remastered his track “Thought It’d Be Easy” off his first EP Session 1: Disillusion, setting the visual to an acapella version. The song reflects upon the struggle and challenge of moving on from past relationships. At one point in the song, he sings, “I thought it’d be easy to love someone else, but I’m running amuck, and I’m thinking about you.”

This lyric alone puts this pain and attempt to overcome the challenge of remembering past lovers’ times. The visual video displays his time in Los Angelos, as the melodic ballad and heartfelt lyrics demonstrate his true individuality and musicality amidst today’s music industry. Through using a black and white filter to demonstrate his thought returning to the past as if he is reliving it. This creativity alone shows the amazing expectation Motown Records sets upon their signed artist and the types of artists they want to represent their label.

Photo Credit: Matt Barnes

Emanuel’s Rise to Fame: Making a Name for Himself

This recent release comes after his debut single “Need You,” which follows a similar visual style. This song became an international quarantine anthem for many, as personal submissions for the collaborative music video ranged from about 20 different countries. This collaborative music video was curated by his highly talented and award-winning Executive Producer Idris Elba OBE. His undeniable and expressive talent in combination with top-notch producers has helped him climb to the top.

He has been Apple Music’s New Artist of the Week, one of Amazon Music’s Artists to Watch, a Soundcloud Featured Artist, and a Spotify “On The Radar” Artist. With over 10.5 million streams, he has become one of the first-ever artists to be chosen for Spotify’s On The Radar program in Canada. His music has earned him international acclaim, as his music resonates with many listeners leaving a lasting impression on their ears. He is most definitely an artist to keep on your radar, as his music and latest EP Session 2: Transformation is definites to add to your playlist.


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