UK House Takes SXSW By Storm

UK House Takes SXSW By Storm

UK House, home to many of the United Kingdom’s media and technology companies, brought many of its tech talents to SXSW for what was an innovative take on bridging the real and digital world. The group shared new ideas regarding exploring the metaverse and also discussed discovering ways to create the future of the creative economy. UK House’s presence at SXSW gathered global influencers, offering networking opportunities that led to overall success for many of their participating companies. 

What is the UK House?

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The UK House is widely known for their work with connecting major industries on a global scale. One of their goals is to build relationships between companies and technology, merging media with reality. 

“We’re effectively like UK matchmakers,” shared Rupert Daniels, director of services and skills in UK House. “We’ll bring the supply of innovative UK companies and immersive technology and bands for the music perspective. We will use the UK House as a venue where we can bring people who will want to buy those products and those services.”

The collective has essentially built a welcoming community. This community has stood out as integral to the growth of both the UK and global economy. The creative economy is a repeated phrase within the group, defining both their initiatives and actions. For the UK House, the creative economy is all about working together to build powerful relationships. And while it requires active participation, it’s attainable through teaching skills and connecting major companies with the future. 

“The future of the creative economy is exactly that,” shared Daniels. “It’s imagining what the future can look like and also the UK’s role in creating that future.”

SXSW & More

“Building bridges between the real and digital world,” an expression tied deeply with the UK House and its program at SXSW. The group worked closely with the venue to create an environment meant to produce powerful experiences and also instill innovation. 

“The UK House at SXSW is all about showcasing the very best of the UK’s creative industries,” shared Daniels. 

Through their work at SXSW, the collective was able to take companies and provide them with the necessary skills, networks, and programs to facilitate growth. 

“We’re introducing them to doing international business,” said David Moody, advertising and marketing specialist. “And we’re giving them a helping hand to take them to one of the most exciting venues at SXSW. They just get so inspired about what they see around them and the opportunities that they see. It’s about confidence building and realizing that they’re already producing world class work.”

Many of the companies the group worked with went on to win awards at SXSW with their helping hand. was awarded the SXSW Immersive Innovation award for their newest IOS app. The ceremony also celebrated developments in technology amongst the many participants, including’s work with markerless motion capture. For the UK House, this became an example of the creative economy taking route towards the future. Moreover, companies were kickstarting what’s to come at SXSW by simply pushing boundaries. 

It’s clear that the UK House is ready to both push their endeavors and create a larger impact on the future of the economy. Or as stated by Daniels, they’ll be at SXSW ‘24 with a “bigger, bolder, and better” stance. 

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