New Movement By Astral Tequila & The Sculpt Society

New Movement By Astral Tequila & The Sculpt Society

Astral Tequila and The Sculpt Society join together to launch their new vision, “Good Energy Movement.”

Image courtesy of Astral Tequila PR.

This shared drive aims to increase positive change by connection and exercise. Not just during the holiday season but throughout the New Year also. Hence, it’s important to stay connected with others as the weather grows colder and the days shorter. To help, the Sculpt Society’s founder, Megan Roup presents a limited-edition holiday kit!

In Your Classic Kit

  1. An Astral Tequila Blanco 750ml bottle
  2. 1 Pomegranate Juice 6oz bottle
  3. 1 Agave Syrup 4oz bottle
  4. 6 Limes
  5. 8 Rosemary Sprigs
  6. 1 ‘Good Energy Movement’ Exercise Ball
  7. Lastly, 1 Mistletoe Margarita Recipe Card with codes to redeem The Sculpt Society subscriptions for you and a friend.

Each kit costs $69.99 from now till December 30th and is available on Cocktail Courier. Must be 21+ to buy yours!

Image courtesy of Astral Tequila and The Sculpt Society PR.

More on the Good Energy Movement

This movement supports in-person and online workout sessions perfect for anyone who wants to try them! Furthermore, Astral Tequila offers organized get-togethers to foster connections. In addition, these get-togethers are available on The Sculpt Society App. So far, locations for these are in Dallas, Texas and Charleston, South Carolina.

In a statement, Roup said, “Through movement, connection, and some fantastic cocktails, we aim to bring people together during this time of the year.”

Lastly, follow Astral Tequila @astraltequila  and The Sculpt Society @thesculptsociety for updates other content. Also feel free to follow Roup @meganroup, for training tips and more! Or visit her website,, for new exercise content which posts weekly.

About The Sculpt Society

Those who want to explore the exercise sessions by The Sculpt Society can do so through the TSS App, and many other streaming devices. Such as, Apple TV. Roku, and Chromecast for example. Such workout classes include low-impact and cardio, dance cardio, full-body sculpting, yoga, and meditation. The time usually ranges from 5 to 50 minutes, and contribute to different fitness levels and goals.

Featured Image by the courtesy of Astral Tequila.

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