Milokssy Resto: Mogul & Mother

Milokssy Resto: Mogul & Mother


Picture Credit: Milokssy Resto

Milokssy Resto Embarking on a remarkable journey that spans over two decades in the realm of corporate entertainment. she has evolved into the formidable CEO of Monarchs. Her narrative is a testament to resilience and unwavering dedication, showcasing a trajectory marked by triumphs and challenges. Notably recognized as the triumphant winner of ‘The Big Shot with Bethenny Frankel’ on MAX, Milokssy transcends the conventional role of a leader; she personifies loyalty, hard work, and honesty. Beyond her professional achievements, she is a champion for every woman’s journey, emphasizing the profound importance of standing tall amidst life’s adversities.

Here at The Garnette Report, we had the divine pleasure of speaking with Milokssy Resto and learning more about this business mogul.

Zoey:  Milokssy, how did winning ‘The Big Shot with Bethenny Frankel’ on MAX impact your career and life?

Milokssy: Winning ‘The Big Shot with Bethenny Frankel’ was a transformative experience. It wasn’t just about the title, but the immense learning and growth that came with it. This victory opened doors to unparalleled opportunities, allowing me to expand my network and horizons. It was a catalyst that propelled me not just professionally, but also personally, instilling a deeper confidence in my abilities. I was also able to recognize that fear will set us back, not believing in yourself will paralyze you in your tracks, and now I go into things with heart and confidence.

Zoey: Can you share more about the skills and qualities that helped you stand out in the competition and ultimately emerge as the winner?

 Milokssy: The key skills that helped me excel were adaptability, creativity, and resilience. In every task, I aimed to bring innovative solutions, adapting quickly to new challenges. My resilience helped me stay focused under pressure, and my ability to work collaboratively while leading with empathy made me stand out.

Zoey: Your journey from a challenging economic landscape in Harlem Heights to becoming a CEO is inspiring. What advice do you have for individuals facing similar challenges?

Milokssy: DO NOT GIVE UP and NETWORK NETWORK! NETWORK! To those facing challenges like I did, remember, your current circumstances don’t define your future. Embrace learning, be persistent, and find mentors. Every setback is an opportunity to grow stronger and wiser. Believe in yourself and don’t be afraid to dream big and take risks. Want more for yourself, set goals that seem unrealistic, then go out there and go for it! Ask for help, and never take no for an answer.

Zoey: As the CEO of Monarchs, how do you personally contribute to empowering individuals to take control of their hormonal health affordably?

Milokssy: At Monarchs, I actively work towards making hormonal health accessible. I advocate for affordable solutions and lead initiatives to educate and empower individuals. By fostering partnerships and leveraging technology, we strive to create a world where hormonal health is a right, not a privilege. I actively participate in conferences, where my focus is on educating women about the importance of attuning to their bodies and seeking a supportive, understanding medical team. Women mustn’t be burdened with excessive costs to attain better health. The expense of vitamins and minerals should be reasonable – certainly not exceeding what one would spend on their weekly coffee

Zoey: How has your cultural heritage, being a blend of Dominican and Puerto Rican, shaped your leadership style and decision-making at Monarchs?


Milokssy: My Dominican and Puerto Rican heritage has instilled a sense of community, resilience, and vibrant cultural understanding in my leadership style. I value diverse perspectives and foster an inclusive decision-making process, celebrating the richness that different backgrounds bring to the table. In my culture, we embrace every aspect of life, celebrating both joys and challenges. This has taught me to encourage my community to openly share their passions, worries, aspirations, and experiences. We continually learn from each other, and there is immense beauty and value in collectively celebrating our journeys.


Zoey: Balancing the roles of a successful CEO and a mother can be challenging. How do you manage this balance, and what lessons have you learned in the process?


Milokssy: That my sanity no longer exists. Haha. Kidding. Well…Sometimes. Balancing motherhood and a CEO role is indeed challenging. It’s about setting priorities and being present in the moment. I’ve learned the importance of self-care and delegation. My journey as a mother enriches my leadership, bringing empathy and a multi-dimensional perspective to my role. I’ve realized that it’s impossible to multitask constantly. Being fully present for our children is crucial, yet it becomes challenging when faced with pressing deadlines. My key lesson is the importance of seeking help when needed.


Zoey: Can you share a pivotal moment or challenge in your journey that significantly influenced your approach to leadership and business?


Milokssy: A defining moment in my career was encountering a significant challenge early on, during a time when I was uncertain about my career direction. This left me feeling quite adrift. It taught me the importance of resilience and adaptive leadership. This experience shaped my approach to view challenges as opportunities, leading with flexibility and a growth mindset.


Zoey: The mentors in your career, including Richard Parsons, Courteney Monroe, and Pamela Levine, played crucial roles. How did their guidance impact your professional development?

Milokssy: Mentors like Richard Parsons, Ronald Grant, Courteney Monroe, and Pamela Levine were instrumental in my growth. They provided guidance, invaluable insights, and honest feedback, helping me navigate the complexities of my career with clarity and confidence. However, they also taught me the value of humility in business. They displayed exceptional grace, kindness, and support towards their entire team, making a point to know everyone personally and taking time to understand them. These mentors exemplified that true leadership involves kindness, empathy, and a commitment to looking after one’s team, guiding with compassion rather than fear.

Zoey: In your opinion, what are the key principles or values that define loyalty, hard work, and honesty in a professional setting?

Milokssy: Loyalty, hard work, and honesty are foundational to professional success. Loyalty is about commitment and reliability, hard work is consistently giving your best, and honesty is being truthful and ethical. These values foster trust, respect, and integrity in any professional setting.

Zoey:  What inspired you to make the transition from a successful corporate entertainment career to becoming the CEO of Monarchs?

Milokssy: My shift from the corporate entertainment sector to founding Monarchs stemmed from a deeply personal experience. Facing a critical surgery that profoundly impacted my hormonal health, I encountered a challenging journey. Despite feeling dismissed and misunderstood by medical professionals, I took matters into my own hands. Through thorough research, I found healing in a regimen of vitamins and minerals. However, this process was not only complex but also expensive. This experience ignited my resolve to create a simpler, more accessible solution for others. That’s how Monarchs was born, a platform where I could apply my expertise towards a meaningful cause – democratizing healthcare to make it both accessible and affordable.

Zoey: Could you provide more insights into Monarchs’ philosophy of empowering individuals to take control of their hormonal health without breaking the bank?

Milokssy: Our mission extends to daily empowerment of women, reminding them of their strength, significance, and inherent worth. Often, women may sideline their needs amidst the demands of careers, parenthood, and the complexities of womanhood. Monarchs serves as a gentle yet powerful reminder for women to embrace their inner warriors, recognizing their vital role and the importance of their well-being. At Monarchs, our core values are centered on empowerment and affordability in healthcare. We hold a firm belief that access to quality hormonal healthcare is a right for all. Our approach is to educate, innovate, and collaborate, ensuring affordability is not a hindrance to health.

Zoey: Being a trailblazer and icon in your field, how do you define ambition, determination, and the relentless pursuit of excellence, and how have these principles shaped your remarkable success?


Milokssy: Ambition is the drive to achieve beyond the ordinary, determination is the relentless pursuit of goals despite obstacles, and excellence is about not just meeting but surpassing standards. These principles have been the cornerstones of my journey, constantly pushing me to innovate, lead with purpose, and make a lasting impact. I’m also driven by a deeper purpose: to pave the way for future generations of girls who will encounter similar struggles. I’m doing this for the young girls currently grappling with hormonal issues, unsure of how to express their concerns. It’s for the mothers who feel overwhelmed, mistakenly thinking they’re losing their sanity, not realizing these are natural transitions in life. My mission is to enlighten, support, and empower, making this journey more understood and less daunting for them.

Milokssy transcends the conventional role of a leader; she personifies loyalty, hard work, and honesty. Beyond her professional achievements, she stands as a champion for every woman’s journey, emphasizing the profound importance of standing tall amidst life’s adversities.

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