Are Carbohydrates The Enemy?

Are Carbohydrates The Enemy?

Carbs have a long-time running label of being “bad.” A fitness guru or a high adrenaline gym junkie might perpetually preach this belief, but Are Carbohydrates really The Enemy?

Carbs once essential, but now replaceable.

It’s evident that people avoid carbs. Crystal clear demonstrations of their irrational fear of carbohydrates roam the internet.

Exhibit A

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Bell pepper sandwich carb-free.

Exhibit B

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Lettuce burger carb-free.

Exhibit C

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Spaghetti zoodles with meat sauce carb-free.

Undoubtedly, carbs have been put through constant transformation; When it comes to taste, presentation, and breaking the traditional way these dishes once nourished the body.

Carbs aren’t all the same

There are two groups within Carbohydrates: simple and complex carbs. Except there is more complexity to simple carbs.

A diagram by explains more in detail the intricacy of carbs:

Examples of simple carbohydrates are fruits and dairy, while complex carbohydrates examples are legumes, whole grains, and start/non-starch vegetables.

The Difference between carbohydrate molecules vary, for instance:

Monosaccharide (Mono=1), the energy source, gives tasty flavor to food.

Disaccharides (Di=2), a transport form, extensively supports movement.

Polysaccharide (Poly= Many), storage role, able to be stored.

Knowing the chemistry of carbohydrates can help one conclude one’s own opinion on whether carbs are inherently good or bad. Seeing that then one would actually know the responsibility behind each term, stage, or process.

Humans need fiber

Fiber is indeed a type of carbohydrate, that is being that fiber is a complex carbohydrate. Of course in this case fiber is infamous for being “healthy.” Foods that belong to the list of healthy fiber complex carbohydrates includes whole grain bread, oatmeal, green vegetables, beans, lentils, etc.

A few benefits of having a regular intake of healthy fiber carbohydrates are the refining of a better digestive system, great for weight control, and good for energy for the body.

Yes, unhealthy carbs are a thing. White bread, surgery cereals, pastries, sodas, beer [Shocker], and many more fit the bill for the “bad” list.

After the deep diving into carbohydrates, there is an understanding that not all carbs are terrible. Informing oneself about the manufacturing or cooking operations of each of the carbs, the science behind each of the three types of carbs, and general facts of all the carbs can help us steer away from the negative undertones of this great source of nutrients.

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