21 Yr Old, Entreprenuer, Nia ‘The Loc God,’ Makes Half A Million Dollars In Less Than 4 Weeks

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by Bless Bull / February 24, 2021

Shining the light on Black owned businesses, Nia The Loc God created her own brand and made half a million dollar in less than four weeks. The Black Queer woman who became a self-made millionaire in just one year.

Hair care



Late 2017, Nia worked in a hair braiding shop as a hairdresser at age 17 from August till February 2018. After her time there, she and her sister went on to work at a salon from February 2018 until September 2019.  Nia states that the hair salon had nicer employees, than the braiding shop she had worked at before.

She went on to open her own salon suite in September 2019 and began to sell her products to keep up with the rent, which was expensive. However, she did not work there long because she eventually stopped doing hair, but she still has stylist who work there. Her first online launch was taken place in  her salon in November 2019. Because she was so passionate, regardless if she made $30 in a days worth of product sales, she continued to push for her own success.

After Nia quit doing hair she focused on pushing her hair care line out to the world. She eventually opened her second salon suite in June 2020. She humbly shared her story on Twitter, Instagram and YouTube. As you watch the video of how she became a stylist to a millionaire at 21 yrs old.

Today’s Progress

Nia went from making oil bottles in her room to having her own warehouse filled with employees to create more products faster. She opened her warehouse on June 19, 2020, working and expanding her team all the time. Also,  she invested a lot of her own savings into her brand. Expenses like shipping fees, packaging, and making the product went up due to Covid-19.

Her story is so huge. It shows that it does not matter how you start, it matters how you continue to do it and get it done.


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21 Yr Old, Entreprenuer, Nia ‘The Loc God,’ Makes Half A Million Dollars In Less Than 4 Weeks