Restaurants To Check Out in Montauk, New York

Restaurants To Check Out in Montauk, New York

If you’re traveling out to Montauk, New York here are a few restaurants you must check out. These restaurants are located in beautiful locations as well as have delicious food. Now it is a long drive to the end of Montauk, but these restaurants are worth it. Some of these are brand new while others have been here forever. Depending on your taste of food these restaurants are all suitable. But as you will see a majority is seafood, considering how close to the water they all are.

Harvest on Fort Pond

This first restaurant you must check is located in the center of Montauk and is a fabulous Italian-style restaurant. The great part of this restaurant is that the food is family size so you can sample a ton of foods at your table. Some highlights on the menu include the delicious Pei Mussels as well as the farfalle with sausage peas and parmesan. This restaurant is hard to get into but worth the food.

The Inlet

The next restaurant is located right near the harbor of Montauk and has a beautiful sunset view of the Long Island Sound. This seafood restaurant does not take reservations, so the key is getting there early to put your name down. Some highlights on the menu that you must try are the raw bar which has a mix of oyster clams and shrimp. Another dinner option you must try which they are known for is their sushi. A few sushi to try including the spicy girl roll as well as the red dragon roll.


The final restaurant you must check out is Duryea’s. This restaurant is also located right on the water and has a beautiful sunset. Duryea’s is definitely a go-to for lunch and dinner and has a delicious mix of foods. Some of the food you must have at this restaurant include the fisherman platter which has a yummy mix of seafood. For the main course, a must-try is the lobster as well as the skirt steak. This restaurant is busy but worth the wait. Links are below for all the restaurants.




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