7 Places in NYC To Beat The Heat

7 Places in NYC To Beat The Heat

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It’s late July, and the temperatures are soaring nationwide. This past week in NYC, the heat has been unbearable with temperatures in the upper 90s. With these crazy temperatures, it’s important to know the best food places where you can cool off. Nothing is more refreshing on a hot day than a crisp smoothie or some creamy ice cream. With that said, these smoothie and ice cream places will instantly cool you off and provide relief from the heat.

Juice Generation

Grand Central Location, Image via Happy Cow

Juice Generation has been serving the freshest smoothies, juices, and açaí bowls since 1999. There are 19 Juice Generation locations in the NYC area, and all of their menu items beat the heat with their fresh ingredients. As one of their most loyal customers, I can attest that their smoothies and açaí bowls are incredible. Their variety of smoothies is wide: they sell fresh fruit smoothies, nut butter blend smoothies, and protein smoothies. My personal favorite is their featured seasonal smoothie, the cherry butter cup. Furthermore, this smoothie is the best of both worlds with fruit and nut butter; it consists of banana, almond milk, fresh cherry juice, almond butter, and cacao nibs. Overall, this smoothie has been keeping me cool and refreshed all summer long, it’s so delicious.

Their açaí bowls are next level in every way. They give you a nice portion in each bowl of base, fruit, and other toppings. In addition, they are refreshing, healthy, and energizing with their fresh ingredients. Their most popular and my personal favorite açaí bowl is the PB Açaí. The PB Açaí consists of and açaí base blended with oat milk, banana, and peanut butter topped with strawberries, banana, peanut butter, and cacao nibs. Overall, this bowl is the perfect lunch or snack for a hot day in NYC.


Chocolate Waterfall at Union Square Location, Image via Eater.

Venchi began as a Chocolate store that was founded by chocolatier Silviano Venchi in 1878. Eventually, Venchi expanded their company by creating and selling their own gelato in 2006. Their gelato is some of the best in NYC and it’s the perfect way to cool down with this summer heat. In addition, Venchi finds the best ways to incorporate their exquisite chocolate into their gelato. For example, the Cremino gelato includes their milk chocolate hazelnut spread and the Azteco includes their 82% dark chocolate. Furthermore, my personal favorite is the Azteco gelato which is unbelievably good and vegan. The 82% dark chocolate is so rich and luscious, the taste is impeccable. Although the line for all six locations is always out the door, their gelato is 100% worth waiting for. Venchi’s gelato will satisfy your sweet tooth while keeping you cool.

Joe & The Juice

Financial District location, Image via Trip Advisor

Joe & The Juice began in Copenhagen, Denmark in 2002. They sell delicious juices, smoothies, coffee, salads, and other food options. As for their popularity, there are 22 locations spread all over Manhattan. Upon entering their store, you will see employees juicing fresh fruits and vegetables in the kitchen for everyone to see. Joe & The Juice serves the best quality juices and smoothies that quench anyone’s thirst on a hot NYC day. Some of their most popular juices are the Go Away Doc with apple, ginger and carrot and the Green Tonic with cucumber, celery, and kale. Overall, Joe & The Juice is nutritious and reviving during the heat of the summer.

Big Gay Ice Cream

The “Dorothy.” Image via Gay City News.

Big Gay Ice Cream has the best soft serve in the world, period. They have locations on the Upper West Side, the Financial District, and near Madison Square Garden. They serve the classic vanilla and chocolate soft serve flavors on their own or spiced up with drizzles, crumbles, and various toppings. Their most popular treat is the Dorothy, which consists of Vanilla ice cream cone injected with dulce de leche then rolled in ground Nilla wafer cookies. The last time I went there I got the Monday Sundae which is Nutella-lined waffle cone ice cream sundae filled with twisted chocolate & vanilla ice cream, dulce de leche, whipped cream, and a sprinkling of sea salt. It was incredible to say the least and it cooled me off instantly. Overall, Big Gay Ice Cream is slaying the game with their inventive and refreshing soft serve inventions.

Juice Press

A variety of smoothies from Juice Press, Image via Juice Press on LinkedIn.

Juice Press has 46 locations in Manhattan and was created 10 years ago. Similar to the other smoothie and juice stores listed, Juice Press uses the freshest ingredients to create revitalizing smoothies. Their most popular items are the Mint Shamrock smoothie, the Blue Magic smoothie, and the Green Light with Mango smoothie. The fresh produce from Juice Press is sure to refresh anyone during this heatwave.

Morgenstern’s Finest Ice Cream

Image via Timeout

There are two locations of Morgenstern’s and it opened up in 2013. Morgenstern’s serves delectable ice cream, cakes, pies, and black and white profiteroles. Morgenstern’s stands out with their ice cream flavor selection: they offer interesting flavors such as toasted rice yuzu swirl, raw milk, fig newtons, olive oil chocolate eggplant, pineapple salted egg yolk and more. Their ice cream is unique with its flavoring but offers the same cooling effect that most ice creams do.

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