Hottest New Restaurants: Soho to Financial District

Hottest New Restaurants: Soho to Financial District

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Every neighborhood of Manhattan has incredible restaurant options to offer. In the ocean of NYC restaurants, it can be tough to find the best of the best. The competition in the NYC restaurant industry is intense because of the high standards for quality of food and atmosphere. The stand out restaurants are tough to get into and make the wait to get a spot worth it. The atmosphere and food must live up to the hype of a restaurant’s exclusivity. Here is a guide to the hottest new restaurants in Soho to the Financial District.

Soho – Momoya

The iconic Chelsea and Upper West Side sushi spot opened a new location in Soho. This location opened up in spring of 2022 and is serving their same impeccable sushi, sashimi, and nigiri. In addition, their new location is two stories and offers panoramic views of the city with its window surroundings. If you need some help with their menu, their Nakamura roll, spicy tuna crispy rice, and crispy lobster spring rolls are all musts to get. Furthermore, other favorites include their chef’s choice sushi tasting, miso black cod roll, and the wakame & cucumber salad. Instead of waiting for a spot at the Chelsea or uptown location, head down to Soho for Momoya’s incredible food.

Tribeca – Casa Carmen

Interior of Casa Carmen, Image via Open Table.

Casa Carmen opened its doors in April of 2022 in Tribeca. It’s food and atmosphere has garnered great attention for food critics such as The Infatuation and The VIP List. The restaurant is owned by brothers Santiago and Sebastian Ramirez Degollado. They created this restaurant in honor of their Grandma, Carmen “Titita” Ramirez Degollado. Their food is inspired by their grandma’s traditional recipes sourced from Veracruz, Puebla, and Oaxaca. Some of their popular dishes include their Pollo Mole Xico, Empanadas de Plátano con Frijol, and their Tostada de Pato en Escabeche. Overall, Casa Carmen offers some of the most authentic Mexican food in NYC.

Nolita – Bar Pasquale

Beautiful Spread from Bar Pasquale, Image via The Infatuation

Bar Pasquale is extremely new to the NYC restaurant scene (opened on July 15), but their owners are not. This new spot is a part of the Delicious Hospitality Group, which also owns the well known Pasquale Jones and Charlie Bird both located in Nolita. Similarly, Bar Pasquale serves Sicilian style pizza and many traditional Sicilian dishes such as potato fritters. Overall, Bar Pasquale serves delicious Italian food, wine, and cocktails.

Chinatown – Time

Time in Chinatown, Image via The Infatuation.

Time opened in Chinatown in June. By “opened”, I mean Time Café switched from serving brunch food, coffee, juice to serving sushi. Furthermore, the whole concept of their restaurant changed entirely, and it has been very well received. Customers order from their a la carte menu which includes various options of sushi, sashimi, nigiri, and other plates. Overall, Time offers some tough competition for established sushi spots such as Nobu and Momoya.

Lower East Side – Mắm

Mắm is owned by a husband and wife duo which opened up in June of 2022. They began as a pop up store that focussed on Northern Vietnamese street food and then transitioned into a running restaurant when they found a location on the Lower East Side. Their specialty is bún đậu mắm tôm, which consists of rice vermicelli noodles, fried tofu, and fermented shrimp paste. The “special” version of this dish comes with all the fixings: rice noodles, shrimp paste, crispy intestine, tofu, pork belly, sausages, and fresh herbs. Mắm serves truly authentic Vietnamese food that will get you out of your food comfort zone.

Financial District – La Marchande

La Marchande, Image via Robb Report.

La Marchande is a splashy new French restaurant located on Wall Street in the Financial District. In addition, La Marchande is the restaurant located in the new Wall St Hotel. They opened up June 14th and they are serving light french cuisine. Furthermore, Michelin-starred chef John Fraser is the head chef of La Marchande. Their cuisine has received sparkling reviews from critics such as Time Out and The Infatuation. Some of their best dishes include a coffee-crusted pork chop with lentils, miso baked trout, and roasted or steamed Dover sole for two with vermouth-lime butter. If you find yourself further downtown, check out La Marchande.

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