Celebrities Favorite Food

Celebrities Favorite Food

It may seem absurd, but celebrities do actually eat some of your favorite foods. Though it seems they are on strict diets 24/7, they still like to eat a “cheat” meal every once in a while! From pizza to pasta to chili, here are 3 of some of your favorite celebrities’ favorite foods!


Beyonce and a plate of pizza
Courtesy to MTV

You would be absolutely shocked what Queen Bey’s favorite meals are! Beyoncé is a pizza and Popeyes lover! “I always treat myself to one meal on Sundays when I [..] eat whatever I want,” she told SHAPE Magazine, “It’s usually pizza.” She also enjoys Popeye’s fried chicken and biscuits to the point she apparently has a lifetime membership. Imagine having a lifetime Popeyes membership AND still having the body-ody she has. It must be niiiccceee. I’m trying to get like you my boy (TikTok references clearly have us all in a chokehold) !!!

Barack Obama

Barack Obama eating a chili dog at a restaurant
Courtesy to TMZ.com

Yes, our favorite president is considered a celebrity at this point! In case you didn’t know, apparently Obama is a chili connoisseur, especially in a burger! Ben’s Chili Bowl in Washington, DC, is his ultimate favorite place to go and indulge in some delicious chili burgers. Imagine walking into a restaurant and seeing Obama there just downing on some chili. I mean that would be pretty epic!


Rihanna sucking on a spoon
Courtesy to Harper’s Bazaar

It’s widely known that Rihanna is a major pasta lover, and she’s known to order up to three pasta dishes from a restaurant menu in order to try as many as she can. I mean if we all could order multiple plates of pasta off the menu, we probably would too! Now that she is pregnant, I wonder what her newest cravings have been.

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