Food Dieting Tricks That Really Work

Food Dieting Tricks That Really Work

Food is a gift to humankind. It is an adventure to explore with friends or a pick me up through a hard day. Most importantly, food fuels your body throughout your life, and it keeps you energetic and happy. However, we’ve all been there where we realize we could stand to lose a few pounds, and sometimes we have habits where we subconsciously eat even when we’re not even hungry. These tips and tricks are here for you to change your eating habits and make healthy lifestyle choices.

  1. Plate Size

Sounds a little bit crazy, but using a smaller plate can help you eat less. When you tend to have a big plate you tend to fill it up even if the proportions don’t match your body size. Getting smaller plates and filling that up will limit your servings while still having the satisfaction of a full plate of food in front of you. Furthermore if you get up to get seconds you’ll know its because you are genuinely hungry and you’re not just eating to eat.

2. Eat slower

A lot of times we eat fast and we don’t realize that we are full. That’s why if you eat and then take a breather sometimes you realize after, that you don’t actually want seconds. Take your time with your food and savor it. It’ll help you digest your food easier, and it will make you feel full quicker. You will also lessen the risk of choking, as an added bonus.

3. Drink water throughout the day

Doctors typically recommend you drink about 8 cups of water a day. This is important for your health because a lot of people are dehydrated without realizing it. Another benefit is that water fills you up. Furthermore, a lot of times when we think we’re hungry, we are really just thirsty because our brains can actually mix up those signals. Therefore, before you take a meal, drink a cup of water so that you meet your 8 cups of water a day quota and you feel more full before you dig in.

4. Eat balanced meals

Carbohydrates get digested quicker so having a meal full of carbs might not keep you satisfied. Diversify your plate by adding veggies and protein. Vegetables are typically very low in calories so you can go crazy on those and still barely take in any calories. Furthermore they provide fiber and are good for your health. Proteins are the best way to keep you full because they are more complex and harder for your body to breakdown. Furthermore they are great sources for recovery from a workout and help build muscle.

5. Focus on your food

One of the reasons we tend to overeat is because we end up not focusing on how much we are eating. When you are spending time on your phone or watching TV, you might end up finishing that whole bag of chips instead of just taking in a couple of servings. That’s why it is best to focus on one thing so you don’t overeat.

6. Limit what is in your house

It will be harder for you not to eat cookies if they are in your house. Keep the sugary and processed foods in your home to a minimum. That way if you are craving something, you can’t reach for what isn’t there. Furthermore, if you are craving Oreos so much, you are willing to get off the couch to go get them, you probably needed them and deserved a little treat.

7. Know whats in your food

Sometimes you don’t realize how many calories are in certain foods. Take drinks for example, you might not realize that the apple juice you drink at every meal is over 100 calories. Liquid calories are often overlooked because its just not something we really think about. This can lead you to make some cutbacks or substitutions. For example, salad dressing has a lot of calories and the difference between adding one serving to two can be a lot in calories, but a little in measurement. You can also find that switching things out when you’re cooking can cut down on your calorie intake, for example using vegetable oil to grease the pan instead of butter would be one subtle way to make a healthier choice.

Remember that all of these tricks are meant to help you lead a healthier lifestyle and are not to be abused. It is important for you to eat and enjoy eating too. Food is not something you should have a love-hate relationship with, it is there to keep us healthy, happy, and alive. Allow yourself to eat the foods you crave in moderation and then just remember to maintain balance. Furthermore, coupling these tips with exercise is a great way to improve your overall health and keep your mind and body feeling great. Happy eating!

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