The Telly Awards NYC Film & Video Screening

The Telly Awards NYC Film & Video Screening

The Telly Awards celebrated their 45th season honoring greatness in digital film and television. On November 14th, the Awards hosted a post-screening party in New York from 6-9pm. Located at Neue House, 110 E 25th New York, incredible short films were on preview in front of a live audience. This year “Beyond The Frame” was the theme along with the winning short films. Also present were some of the creators behind each short film, such as, Cameron Mitchell of Elsa.

Image courtesy of Telly Awards pr

A Few of the 2023 Telly Awards Winners

Creativity. It’s What Makes Us

By Georgia Hudson at Park Pictures x Rascal Post.

Uploaded on You Tube by Victoria and Albert Museum

First, this was one of the winning short films which centered on fashion at the Victoria & Albert Museum in the United Kingdom. Secondly, the message supported a daring, stylish new take on fashion and expression. This was shown through the mysterious, yet brilliant display of still black and white images of statues. These tied in with the swaying motion of people clad in white and red fabrics. All of which were dancing, screaming, and feeling free in open space. Lastly, let’s not forget the edgy, energetic freestyle beats!


By Cynthia Wade for Scout Productions

Uploaded on YouTube by Netflix

This next video was a preview to a new Netflix docuseries presenting the peculiar, playful world of professional mermaiding, In other words, the video highlighted the growing industry of people who live out their passions as mermaids. The mini series includes interviews and footage of people’s experiences dressing and performing as mermaids. Some key cast members are Mermaid Sparkles, Mermaid Ché Monique, and Mermaid Blixunami.


By Cameron Mitchell for CSM Productions/PBS American Masters

“Elsa” uploaded on You Tube by American Masters PBS

Writer, Director, and Producer, Cameron Mitchell created this short video spotlighting Elsa Sjunneson, a deaf-blind individual who is a role model for all others who have disabilities. For instance, Elsa did not let her condition stop her from learning how to fence, hike, write, and even teach as a professor. Furthermore, Elsa published a comic for Marvel which centers on the heroic strength of deaf-blind people. In addition, viewers learn more about Elsa’s family, inspirations, and journey to become the active and confident person she is today.

Throughlines: Botis Seva 

By Christie’s

“Santo” by Botis Seva uploaded by Christie’s Throughlines: ongoing stories in art history on You Tube

Christie’s invited choreographer, Botis Seva to support the power of motion and images in this short video. There were elegant, yet lively scenes which may excite viewers. Also, a close bond was shared between Seva and Roman/Greek statues. It was as if time is still and one may not know when the flurry of images stops, and the rhythmic dance by Seva begins. Though the film was entirely black and white, a vibrance wAs still present about faith, individuality, and form.

Global Women ‘Career Limiting Move’

By Anna Mantzaris for Passion Pictures

“Career-Limiting Move (The Most Career-Limiting Thing You Can Do)” uploaded on You Tube by Global Women NZ

Lastly, this short film focused on the cost to women and their careers on their ability to have children. First, a few playful scenes appeared in which the lead female character directly hinders her fellow male employees from carrying out their work. This is due to a Gender Pay Gap, where working women around the world are blocked off from gaining the economic and career support they deserve. And the same goes for women who are pregnant. Generally, this is called the Motherhood Penalty. Hence, Global Women NZ launched the #DroptheMotherhoodpenaltycampaign, which opened discussion on these issues.

More about the Telly Awards

The Telly Awards honors a wide range of videos from independent and mass creators. Furthermore, such categories include shows and segments, commercials, tv and online series, etc. In addition, these categories are all in story-telling format and must push past the limits of creativity and telling new experiences. Also, the Awards partners with various non-profit broadcast and media organizations, as well as major global design networks. For example, The Gotham, Future of Film, Green the Bid, and Series Fest are a few partners giving the opportunity to support growing filmmakers around the world.

What’s more, each short film is reviewed by the judging council. This contains over 200 chairmen from many different production companies and streaming platforms. For instance, those involved are BBC, Marvel, Vimeo, Netflix, etc.

The Featured Image above is courtesy of Telly Awards pr.

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