Eden Season 2 Review

Eden Season 2 Review

Netflix did something we didn’t expect last year by renewing the sci-fi series, Welcome to Eden. The first season was forgettable, and the storyline wasn’t exactly groundbreaking. The season ended on cliffhanger, leaving people to wonder if another season was coming. Season 2 brings with it a healthy dose of drama, action, and most importantly, answers! We finally learn what the heck is going on, and it’s not pretty.

Welcome to Eden Season 2

While the story is more fleshed out this time around, the same issues that plagued the first season are still present, just magnified. The focus this time shifts away from Africa and onto Zoa, Bel, and a few other characters. Who are hellbent on escaping the island and taking down Astrid. Things get complicated when one of their own is murdered, and the military is brought in to investigate. The stakes are high, and not everyone makes it out alive.

While there’s more urgency and a darker tone, the show tries to cater to both teen and adult audiences. Following a mishmash of sex, parties, rebellion, and assassination plots. For some, it might be a bit much, but others might like the chaotic spirit of this season. The cast gets larger this season, however, we only get glimpses or hints into their backstory. It’s not enough to really connect with the characters. It’s a missed opportunity to create more depth and intrigue.

Overall, Eden season 2 is good apart from the first season. While watchable, the series just needs more development and better connecting of storylines of the characters. If your sci-fi fan you might want to watch, especially with the ending in season 2 and the message. If looking for substance and thrilling backstory and storylines this may not be it. However, feel free to check news on other upcoming series.

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