Barbie Breaks The Internet

Barbie Breaks The Internet

“Imagination, life is your creation,” a quote that has now become reality with Greta Gerwig’s newest film endeavor, Barbie. Featuring high profile names such as Margot Robbie, Ryan Gosling, Dua Lipa, and Simu Liu, the film has already garnered immense attention with nothing but a trailer to its name. Even Micheal Cera and Kate McKinon have joined the cast, making the film the talk of the season. The trailer released this past Tuesday, and it has become an addicting rewatch. It’s bright and pink frames were highly captivating. Within the few minutes it launched online it became a sensation, taking over every social media outlet. With fans, companies, and all alike reposting their own rendition of the Barbie character posters, the film may likely have an overwhelming audience at its doors on July 21.

Barbie Throughout The Years

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Barbie has been a household name since the late 50s and early 60s. With the icon character having various shows and spin offs to its name, it’s no surprise the doll would be adapted for the big screen. Nonetheless, the trailer stayed true to the franchise, introducing characters that have spanned all throughout Barbie history. From Micheal Cera’s Allan to Emerald Fennell’s Midge, Gerwig didn’t hold back when it came to accuracy and nostalgia. 

Trailer Review & What To Expect

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If there was an award for the most gasp-worthy opening shot, Gerwig’s Barbie takes it and leaves no crumbs. With Margot Robbie’s legs walking into frame, her character steps out of her jelly shoes only for her feet to still be in the arched mold every girl could recognize from a mile away. A sense of sentiment imbues the trailer that it has also become like a fever dream. However, from the neon colors of Barbie Land to the inclusive cast, Barbie steps out of the mold of typical live-action. Rather the film enters one that isn’t afraid to be eclectic. Whether it be the adult humor that’s presented itself or the hyper-version of realism, Barbie is ready to make cinema history. 

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