NFW 24/25: Baby, The Stars Shine Bright Show

NFW 24/25: Baby, The Stars Shine Bright Show

On Day 2 of New York Fashion Week, Global Fashion Collective presents “Baby, The Stars Shine Bright’ solo show at Chelsea Industrial. The iconic “Baby, The Stars Shine Bright” Japanese clothing brand has debut their 24/25 collection with a take on the Alice in Wonderland theme. Global Fashion Collective is an inclusive platform for designers to cultivate new diverse ideas in the fashion industry. For New York Fashion Week, the Collective is using their platform to promote this solo show.

Baby The Stars Shine Bright Solo Show Review

Firstly, the runway show gave audiences a glimpse on an elegant and doll-like world. From the highly-designed prints to the construction of the garment, the brand wanted to keep their signature “Lolita” fashion style. Then, the brand used their mascot, “Usakumya-chan” as the main inspiration of this collection. One of the main motifs of this collection is a heart, a core element of the logo. For example, in these two photos, the influences of Alice in Wonderland and Lolita are apparent by the bow headpieces, bubble pigtails, and babydoll silhouette. Another example to add is that the characters that the models are portraying are from Alice in Wonderland. The left image is Alice herself with the light blue and white accents everywhere on the garment. The right image is a depiction of the Tweedle Boys from the Lewis Carroll classic.

Baby The Stars Shine Bright Show Review (Cont.)

The Baby, The Stars Shine Bright brand is also experimenting with more color schemes in this collection. Usually, the brand focuses on pastels that appeals to Japanese audiences. But, the company has decided to use more warm tone colors such as red to encompass the New York Fashion Week 24/25 theme of Autumn and Winter. On the left image below, it is a warm mint color instead of a cool one to highlight the model but the reoccurring motifs of hearts and bows on her garment as well. On the right image below, a model is wearing a Christmas inspired garment while the other is representing the spring. Overall, the brand is making their signature on the fashion world with their intricate and unique perspective on Alice in Wonderland for the 24/25 season.

Check out the solo show here! Look for more of the Garnette Report’s coverage of New York Fashion Week!

Featured Image by Global Fashion Collective

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