Naama & Anat Debuts Breathtaking INFINITY Collection For Fall 2020

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Naama & Anat’s New Infinity collection was a dream. The entire collection featuring delicate lace, exquisitely intricate floral appliqués, and flattering structured silhouettes and bold capes, showing that everyone is beautiful just as they are. The Runway show captivated its audience as guests enjoyed Chambord while previewing the new collection.


“The new collection INFINITY ♾ is all about my inner being and my connection to my source. When a bride is trying a dress she has to connect with her inner being. She looks at the mirror and say to her self I am not playing not HIDING I show myself this dress is my character my personality! I need to feel confident The connection with my inner being is bringing me to the endless love the endless satisfaction and I am grateful for this dress and design! This is the feeling the brides will get when they try our gowns the immediate connection.


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Inbal Dror F 2020 Collection
Naama & Anat Debuts Breathtaking INFINITY Collection For Fall 2020