Laurence & Chico SS19 Runway

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I had such a amazing time at  Laurence & Chico


The colors and the shoes and the wigs; It was very artistic. This is one thing I feel been missing from fashion, fun and freedom to be a visionary. It is very rare to be at a show and feel you are in a theater or watching art before your eyes. I feel the only thin missing was popcorn.


Laurence & Chico SS19 Inspiration
Laurence & Chico SS19 collection is inspired by “Sports”. Laurence and Chico do not like to exercise but love to buy athletic wear. In Laurence’s illustrations, sports is all about competition for prettiness and all about the aesthetics. In Laurence’s mind, sports is all about being pretty. This gave Chico a new perception of sports. In this collection, Chico breaks the traditional structure and challenges limitation of athletic fabrication and elements to create the “Sports” collection that speaks to the Laurence & Chico whimsical world

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INIFD & London School of Trends Fashion Show
Laurence & Chico SS19 Runway