Academy of Art University NYFW

Academy of Art University NYFW

This season the Academy of Art University presented their Spring and Fall 2018  Mens and collection.  The students and designers showcased five womenwear and two menswear collection. Also two of the collection are collaborative efforts.


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Every season, I make it my business to attend AAU due to the fact this show helps launch most of the students fashion careers. It is so great that New York and NYFW, is their platform for the tomorrow.
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As I was back stage, I was able to see the maturity and humility of these young students. As I saw the collection both back stage and on the main stage, I was able to feel and see each designer personal spirit in the collection. As well as how each piece in the collection showcase some of the designer own unique identity. The students stayed true to their vision as well as push their creative process.
The first designer was Hailun Zhou.: This collection was inspired by her personal photographs she took for anther class.I always love when and how one class helps another class.
 _MG_1950 _MG_1958 _MG_1960

The second designer was Eden Slezin: His collection was a reflection of his own life and love. Also this collection was influenced by an appreciation for vintage denim.  As mention before in this collection we can see the individuality that is appreciated is San Francisco.
The third collection and the first collaborative collection of the night  was bought to the runway by Dina Lam, Carlos Rodriguez and Rheanna Oliver-Palanca.  Dina collection was a personal reaction of her emotions surrounding the passing of her aunt. She wanted her collection to evoke a sense of warmth and comfort.  Carlos created the embroidery details for the collection. He wanted to enhance the contemporary feel of the garments. Lastly, Rheanna created the knitwear we saw on the runway. This is what created the warmth and comfort to the collection.
_MG_2180 _MG_2187 _MG_2188 _MG_2194 _MG_2197 _MG_2198 _MG_2201
Next we have my favorite collection. Saya Shen used digital prints of nature over her collection. She was inspired by the landscape and the snow of Hokkaido and well has the water and tress of San Francisco.  The reason why this was my favorite was, this collection was an intimate escape into natures reality.The over-sized and voluminous garments will wrap over any one like a fluffy cocoon.
 _MG_2064 _MG_2071 _MG_2072 _MG_2081 _MG_2082 _MG_2085 _MG_2089 _MG_2093 _MG_2094 _MG_2108
Our next and last collective collection was by Joanna Jadallah and Cana Klebanoff. Joanna collection was inspired by the strengths of her ancestors who were forced to flee Palestine and leave all of their belongings and family. This collection captures the beauty of her culture. This collection included light weight wool, lambskin leather and cashmere knits.  Cana was inspired by the armor of the Japanese samurai. He wanted his pieces to be wearable and be comfortable yet convey a sense of pride and strength.
Ryan Yu was the next designer who was inspired on the philosophy on how light lead us from darkness.
 Lastly we have Jelly Shan. Her collection was inspired by the sense of peace and joy. as well as the religious environment of northwest China. She personally describe the collection as fresh and edgy yet girly.
_MG_1977 _MG_1980 _MG_1987 _MG_1990 _MG_2002 _MG_2037 _MG_2044 _MG_2056 _MG_2064 _MG_2116 _MG_2139 _MG_2147 _MG_2162 _MG_2166 _MG_2205 _MG_2208 _MG_2213 _MG_2214 _MG_2225 _MG_2226 _MG_2229 _MG_2231

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