ZayAngelitastyles Is Styling Clients and Interviewing Brands: Who Is She?

ZayAngelitastyles Is Styling Clients and Interviewing Brands: Who Is She?

Aspiring stylist, Creative Director, and Journalist Releases Her Styling Website.

ZaNaria Bowens first became interested in fashion as a young girl. At three years old, her mother reminded her that she would change her entire outfit from the outfit that was originally picked out for her. Since this day, her fashion continued, repurposing clothing and sewing on patches to shorts. ZaNaria began to set trends.

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CEO of ZayAngelitastyles Posing In Her Custom Tee.


Through her adolescence, she attended public school with a required uniform dress code. The dress code had no limits on her creative style. Scarves, belts, shoestrings, layers of jackets, and additional accessories is how she broke the dress code rules while still showing her personality. Transitioning into her high school days, she registered for a fashion course where she learned the dynamics of fashion design and sewing.

ZayAngelitaStyles came into play in 2017 when ZaNaria began using hashtags like #ZayAngelitastyles #Style Of The Day #Styleblogger when posting her pictures on Instagram. Determined to add value to anyone’s wardrobe, she booked her first client. Her Godmother, Miyori Pullen, asked for fashion advice, closet cleaning, and organization while evolving her fashion to suit her body figure. In the same year the hashtags and creative direction grew when she was requested to assist photoshoots for brands giving precise advice of how to sport new looks. In 2020 ZaNaria took part in a fashion event at the Model Experience in Los Angles. While at the event, she helped models feel comfortable in their outfits and then realized she loved to style.

Expanding Styling Across The Board

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Fast-forwarding to January 2020, her styling career grew as more individuals booked and requested her services. She has worked with Houston curator and artist manager ByxBreezy, R&B, and rap artist Kove during a celebrity volleyball game, The Original Bar Baby Ronntetta Spencer, out of Houston. In Addition, to styling individuals, ZaNaria has also collaborated and executed designs for brands and worked with models building portfolios.

She is known for her tagline, “Stay Ready So You Won’t Have To Get Ready.”

For more about ZayAngelitastyles, be sure to visit her on Instagram or schedule a consultation on her website

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