Which Style Type Are You?

Which Style Type Are You?

There are many fashion style out, but men’s quantity does not comes as close to the amount women’s possess. But it doesn’t mean guys can’t explore their options and what style reflects their everyday lifestyle. From the hipster to the workman, find out which style fits or suits you.

The Corporate

Suits are your best friend. A clean, structured blazer with tailored pants. A plain button down and tie (silk or textured) are basic styling necessities. Oxfords, loafers or dress shoes are essential.

The Jock

Athleisure at its’s best.  “Technical” sportswear entails button downs jerseys, nylon vests, hoodies mixed with jeans, trousers or jogger pants. Throw in a sport jacket while you’re at it too.

The Flirt

No wonder people think of you as a player. This smart flirty look bring perks of both worlds; casual and formal. Tailored jackets and dress shirts are the norm, usually unbuttoned and you don’t have to wear a tie. Dark jeans or slim fit trousers are paired with these wardrobe staples. On occasion, a pocket square may make it’s way onto your heart and with all this, a flash of great watch always accompanies you.

The Hipster

Natural and carefree, this style is pretty vast, yet trendy. V-Neck jumpers, denim jackets and shirts are the usual. For the more preppy but casual hipster, checked prints, t-shirts ideally with a graphic or logo on them, flannels or cotton shirts provide a more masculine shape. Skinny jeans are well renowned but if preferred a more loosed fit, a pair of straight leg jeans with turned hems are optional as well. Large beanies, sunglasses and belts are casual items for a natural image.

The Hip Hop Artist

Hip hop inspires and brings out the artist within you. Jogger pants, snap-backs, high-tops, distressed denim, layered parkas and hoodies graces your palette.

The Moto Man

You love your motorcycle jackets, t-shirts, fitted and ripped jeans, grunge bomber coats finished with a pair of distressed buckled boots or tamed by white sneaks. With this dressing, you may get a cool attitude like a rock star cause you will never change that inner rocker child within you.

The European

Glamour is everything. A touch of color, textured blazers and trousers fitted closely to your body. Punchy belts, colorful ties, pocket squares, hats and patterned scarves are never to be underestimated because accessories make the statement.

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