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How To Wear A Tuxedo In 2018

If you pay attention to trends in men’s formalwear retail, you might almost be under the impression that suits and tuxedos have become particularly popular of late. This is because we’ve entered something of a new era in online retail, with subscription services and would-be pricey shops taking steps to go directly to consumers. These companies – you know, the ones you hear advertising on your favorite podcasts – have made a lot of products more affordable, accessible, and customizable than ever before. And among them are a few businesses making suits more appealing to the average guy.

Indochino may be the name that first comes to mind. It’s established its own online corner as a service that can provide either purchased or rented suits tailored to the perfect dimensions. The Black Tux is another however that has essentially taken on the traditional idea of heading to a mall or shopping center to be fitted for a suit for a special occasion. The service recently  announced a $30 million expansion, which gives you some idea not only of how the idea of tuxedo rental might be shifting, but of how much you might soon be hearing about it via advertising.

The only question, as these developments all take place, is where exactly you’re supposed to wear a tux in 2018. Everywhere from fancy restaurants to the workplace, the average attire seems to be getting more casual, rather than more formal. But we thought we’d list a few places and occasions that remain perfect for a tux, for those who have been intrigued by the emergence of some of the services mentioned earlier.


We’ll get the most obvious idea out of the way early. Even if mainstream fashion is trending a little more toward casual, the tuxedo remains the garment of choice for many if not most grooms and groomsmen. Of course, usually this involves a group rental of a uniform design, so it’s not typically an opportunity to get your tux. But a wedding is still one of the best times to get away with rocking this most formal menswear.

Award Ceremonies

We’ll use the Oscars as an example here. The biggest party in the world of cinema still exists in part to set fashion trends, and just this year  velvet tuxes were among them. Now, that doesn’t mean you can buy something from The Black Tux and stroll right onto the Oscars red carpet. Most of us don’t go to award ceremonies regularly. But these and similar events celebrating the arts, fashion, etc. do occur all over the world, and some of them are a little more fan-friendly. If you’re attending anything that falls under this description, you can probably get away with a tux there.

World-Class Performances

As fashion gets less formal, it’s not uncommon to see people heading to theatre shows or local orchestra performances in nothing other than jeans and a tee shirt, or at most khaki pants and a button down shirt. It’s fair enough depending on the venue, but if you’re headed to a world-class performance – say, at a famous opera house or a prestigious Broadway stage – and you plan on making an evening out of it, there’s no harm in dressing up all the way!


Casinos are actually  trending more casually too, according to a piece that looked specifically at the attire expected at some of the major establishments throughout Canada. There are a few exceptions though, such as world-famous spots like Baden-Baden or Monte-Carlo. And even if you’re simply in Vegas, or Canada, or anywhere else with casino facilities, you’re not going to look out of place in a tux. Sure, you’ll be doing a blatant George Clooney impersonation, but isn’t that what most guys want when they dress up anyway?

World-Class Dining

As with the performances noted above, you don’t really need to dress in a tux for the average night out. But if you’re going to a top-notch establishment – say, a famous steakhouse, or a French restaurant owned by a famous chef, or even simply a local spot that’s considered more exclusive – you can certainly get away with a tux. Keep in mind, for occasions like this, you don’t need to be particularly obvious about it, with black buttons, a bowtie, and a cummerbund. You can opt for something that looks a little bit more like a regular suit, but just happens to be a very nice one.

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