Vivienne Tam SS19 Collection

Vivienne Tam SS19 Collection

Introducing: “The Color Of Love” the latest vibrant and functional RTW collection from award-winning Designer Vivienne Tam.


Vivienne received her spark of inspiration from the Southeast Asian tradition of offering beautifully delicate flower petals to welcome visitors. Drawing imagery from fields of flowers all throughout the islands, Vivienne turned radiant petals into uniquely colorful mandalas, complimenting her peacock and butterfly motifs. To create her unique textiles, Vivienne fused the hand-sketched Mandalas with modern technology … creating templates for embroidery, crochet and macrame details prevalent within the collection.


“Mandala means to me… the universe being altogether; unity. Mandalas are good to wear on the body to bring positive energy. The world is like a Mandala, everything has order and patterns. Life is full of different patterns and they all come from within.” says Vivienne Tam


Not unlike her previous collection, SS19 exhibits a waterfall of hues ranging from shades of neutral blue for the spring, to bold and eye-popping neon accents for high summer. We see flirty peeks of skin bathing underneath colorful ruffles and cotton eyelets. In its entirety “The Color Of Love” can be envisioned perfectly paired for It Girls off to summer destinations like Bali or The Hamptons.


Its all about balancing these original prints with neon accents and spilling those details onto accessories [Vivienne’s line of crochet bags, belts and sandals] gives the feeling of “happiness, fun the joy and the life!”


Vivienne’s clientele has a full spectrum range, which is necessary for long-lasting success in the RTW industry. Her gowns and layering pieces are popular with the mature woman on holiday, who choose to arrive in full showstopper status for their cocktail and red carpet events. On the other end, her vibrant prints, sunset dresses and wearable streetwear silhouettes are a favorite amongst the ‘Nikolodean Celebrities‘ of GenZ.


“It’s about mixing fabrics to embody the feeling of Southeast Asia – feelings of lightness and rejuvenation [hence] The Color Of Love!” Vivienne Tam says of her new collection.

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