Vera Wang Bride Launches New Affordable Bridesmaids Collection

Vera Wang Bride Launches New Affordable Bridesmaids Collection

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Vera Wang Bride, a luxury bridal brand of Vera Wang, is expanding with a more affordable collection featuring dresses and jumpsuits alike.

With the end of the pandemic in sight, there has been an influx of weddings, engagement parties, and increased demand for evening and bridesmaids’ dresses. Vera Wang’s new collection takes advantage of this opportunity in societal demands and offers 60 pieces designed to be mixed and matched within the wedding party while still having a cohesive look. The pieces have a modern and minimalistic feel in their design ranging color palettes from pale to bright neon to deeper tones, and also ranging silhouettes from sheaths, mini, baby doll, mermaid, and jumpsuit looks. The garments also highlight the fashion-forward creativity with bridal collections through different details such as high-low hemlines, geometric necklines, cutaway backs, ruffles, draping, and side splits. This allows for individual expression of style while still all being a collective Vera Wang series.

“The highlight of this collection is a deliberate exploration of sensuality, playfulness, and a certain cool sexiness that has a youthful appeal without sacrificing sophisticated design and artistic details,” said Wang in a statement. “These are clothes that can bring a certain energy and charm to any wedding party or special celebration.”

One of the most appealing aspects of fashion is the ability to express individuality and explore one’s own identity, sensuality, femininity and masculinity, and creativity. Releasing a collection of such a wide variety of designs, styles, and aesthetics allows Vera Wang’s audience to expand their own individuality with fashion while staying true to the brand. Furthermore, the collection’s price point is arguably its most attractive trait, not only for the brand by expanding its target audience but also for the consumers by buying luxury at a more attainable price.

The new collection is to be available in all Pronovias stories and other wholesalers with prices ranging from £315-£440. The garments will also be available in sizes ranging from US 0-28 (UK 2-30), true to the brand’s commitment to inclusivity.

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