Valentino Debuts Fall/Winter 2021 Haute Couture Collection

Valentino Debuts Fall/Winter 2021 Haute Couture Collection

Courtesy of Valentino

By: Bertha Solis

The Italian-based luxury fashion brand, Valentino debuted a new collection of stunning pieces, on Thursday, July 15, 2021. The Valentino Haute Couture collection was showcased live in Venice, Italy at 7:30 CEST time. Valentino’s creative director, Pierpaolo Piccioli, stunned the audience with a whole variety of exciting looks, that contained pops of colors to catch the attention of the audience.

Female model walks down the runway showcasing a look on behalf of Valentino. (Courtesy of Valentino)

For the first look of the night, a female model is seen in a red signature look. She is wearing a wide, large red hat with long strings hanging at the back of it. The model’s top is a puffy-like shape that is colored red. It is also paired with some red shorts that have pockets in which the model is placing her hands in.

Female model showcasing a look from Valentino’s Haute Couture collection. (Courtesy of Valentino)

The second look of the night exhibited a play on colors. The model is wearing a ruffle-like style magenta colored top. Below her top, there is a sight of red fabric. For the bottoms, the model is seen wearing white flare-like styled pants. To add a more classy touch to the look, the designer added some long white gloves.

Male model showcases a look from Valentino’s Haute Couture collection. (Courtesy of Valentino)

This male model is exhibiting a look within the magenta / purple color scheme. With this look, what seems to catch one’s eye is the male model’s jacket/shawl detail. It creates a two-in-one-dimensional look. One part of the fabric is slipped through the model’s arm and the rest is wrapped over the model’s body.

There was a certain inspiration that enlightened Piccioli’s mind for the collection. The official Valentino website states “Driven by the urge to build a community of makers around Maison Valentino, convinced that painting is to contemporary art what Haute Couture is to fashion, Creative Director Pierpaolo Piccioli brings a group of painters of all ages, backgrounds, and aesthetic inclinations into the Atelier.”

Fashion and art is an important connection that is portrayed throughout this collection. Piccioli even brought a group of painters to collaborate with him to produce all of these exciting pieces. The reason was to help develop this concept of fashion and art. This is why we see a ton of play with colors, eye-catching designs, and that good kind of over-the-top accessories.

Female model is posing in a magenta-colored long coat with neon green touches. (Courtesy of Valentino)


Female model posing in a long white dress with different colored accents designed on the front. (Courtesy of Valentino)


Male model posing in an aqua green top added with some matching colored gloves. The look also has purple pants and a shawl. (Courtesy of Valentino)

Within the city of Venice, Valentino chose their show to take place at the beautiful Gaggiandre at the Arsenale. The reason behind the choice of location is that “Venice is the city that for the Creative Director spontaneously generates vibrations on art, theatre, music, architecture, cinema, and everything that has to do with creativity” said The House of Valentino in an official statement.

This location was perfectly suited for the collection’s showcase. As the models walked along this waterfront, the sun was setting which created an emphasis on the elegance of the collection. The Valentino Des Ateliers show was also live-streamed on the official Valentino’s YouTube channel which can still be viewed. Also, there is a photo gallery of all of the looks showcased on the official Valentino website.



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