Using Magnets To Reinvent Classic Suit Accessories!

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No matter how modern clothing styles get, a tie is one item not leaving men’s wardrobes anytime soon. While the ultimate style touch to any dress shirt doesn’t shy away from tradition, innovation is always welcome to help it stay in place.


The CLIPOFF Tie Stay keeps your tie in line for a picture perfect look. Using a magnetic fastener, it’s a simple and functional way to prevent repositioning. Becoming a welcome addition to the bars, clips, tacks and chains that are better known for tie security, this Tie Stay remains invisible eliminating any distraction from your look. Best of all, its design won’t snag or damage delicate tie material. 


For upcoming weddings and graduations to business dress needs, CLIPOFF provides the flawless finishing touch to any suit and tie ensemble.


This magnetic accessory, with it’s Snap and Go design, includes:

  • One industrial strength magnetic clip which slides onto your shirt
  • One clip-on plate to attach to the backside of your tie
  • A thank you note


The CLIPOFF Tie Stay is designed to universally fit all shirts and ties. Once in place, these strong magnets won’t come undone until you’re ready to remove them. To detach from your tie, simply give it a gentle tug and remove each piece, hence the name “CLIPOFF.”


Look to CLIPOFF for more innovative men’s dress accessories. They are in pre-orders for an Any-Shirt Cufflink, which snaps over the button of a button cuff shirt and snaps together with another magnet in the buttonhole. That’s cool! Another product is the Loose Tie-Tail Restraint. Is your tie tails too short to fit in the holder? This clasp secures the tie tail to the back of your tie, keeping it hidden.




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Using Magnets To Reinvent Classic Suit Accessories!