Upgrading Your Winter Wardrobe For 2024

Upgrading Your Winter Wardrobe For 2024

With winter right around the corner, people are beginning to prepare for the cold. Here are a few pieces to upgrade your winter wardrobe.

Winter Puffer: 

A puffer for the winter is anything but nonessential. Linked below are my personal two favorite puffers that helped me survive winter in Colorado. From pouring down rain, to class being canceled for the snow, these waterproof and winter proof jackets will save your life! 

Aritzia: My personal favorite winter purchase ever would have to be an Aritzia SuperPuff. Though it can lean towards the pricier side, I guarantee you it will not disappoint. Besides having a wide variety of colors and styles, these jackets are the definition of warmth. 

North Face: Infamous for their winter wear, the brand North Face keeps up with the current styles while also keeping comfort and warmth in mind. If you are willing to invest in a jacket that will last forever, this is for you! 


Walking around in the cold, it’s essential to keep your legs warm! As I have tested out many different brands of sweatpants, I have become very picky as to what I like to wear and to what sweatpants keep me warm. 

Brandy Melville: As some of their sweatpants tend to have a lighter fabric, Brandy Melville also sells sweatpants that have a thicker wool feel. These are inexpensive compared to a lot of other brands and highly recommended if you are in need of a sweatpants refresh. I have multiple pairs from this brand, and they are perfect for everyday wear and layering when it comes to winter weather. 

Aritzia: Looking for warmth? These adorable pairs of cargo sweatpants serve nothing but style and warmth for the winter season. As these sweatpants have been trending now for about over a year, I personally purchased them to see what the hype was about… and they do not disappoint. This is the perfect addition to your winter wardrobe!

Hoodies & Jackets:

Keeping your body and arms warm is a definite must in the dreadful winter weather. Though there are tons of brands out there that have perfect winter hoodies and jacekts, I found that these two brands are great if you are wanting to try something different for the winter season this year. 

Zara: The perfect brand to find some random individual pieces for the winter season. Beyond getting a basic puffer, Zara has tons of unique jackets and fabrics that you can dress up or down for the winter.
Alo Yoga: Going beyond yoga and workout clothes, this brand has come out of its shell over the past couple of years and has created some wonderful pieces for winter. I personally think that their hoodies and jackets are some of the best pieces this brand has. Continually keeping you warm, but staying trendy at the same time. P.S…. they are also super comfortable, definitely worth the purchase if debating.

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