Gerland Menswear Merges The Classic and Modern

Gerland Menswear Merges The Classic and Modern

Once an apprentice at the biggest fashion houses, today he holds the keys to his own menswear label. Designer Geri Sciame’s Gerland is fairly new to the fashion industry but has quickly made a name for itself. 

Sciame’s interest in fashion goes back a generation; his father, a tailor and mother, a seamstress imbued in him a love of design. As a child, he enjoyed mixing casual and formal clothing and had a knack for creating his own. 

He grew up and became a personal shopper at brands such as Chanel and Louis Vuitton. But it was at Christian Louboutin and Dolce & Gabbana where he honed his skills. To him, fabric and its malleability was of interest. Sciame enjoyed mixing traditional fabrics like cotton and denim with unconventional pairings such as mesh. 

Gerland Menswear

Gerland was once a bedroom concept but has quickly become a breathing entity. Though it is an ecommerce brand, it ships around the world from the USA to the Middle East. Intended for men between 18 to 60, it is novel for the blending of traditional and nontraditional fabrics especially for menswear. But it is also a tribute to and manifestation of Sciame’s heritage and family. 

Named after the Sicilian town where his grandmother lived, the Menfi hoodie is a cotton garment with distressed seams, The Ortygia, a blazer with a subtle twist, is based on his first visit to Menfi where he was struck by the clean lines and structured buildings. 

Menfi Hoodie
Ortygia Blazer

His passions and Gerland’s trademarks include sustainability. Everything from the sourced materials to the brand’s manufacturing methods are sustainable. But Sciame’s vision goes beyond menswear and he hopes to expand to other realms. For the London based designer, the world has quickly opened up and given way to a life where he truly loves what he does – a rarity for many. 

Images Courtesy of Gerland

Featured Image Courtesy of Gerland

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