Bella Mayven Is Revolutionizing Makeup

Bella Mayven Is Revolutionizing Makeup

Bella Mayven, makeup artist and businesswoman, is changing the game for makeup artists everywhere. In an industry oversaturated with products from microcelebrities to A-Listers, Mayven focused on something else – makeup tools. Frustrated with the lack of proper resources for makeup artists, she decided to start her brand Tuhlz. Aside from her business, Mayven is also a makeup artist.

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How did your interest in makeup develop? 

I was about seven years old when I got into makeup. I thought it was a cool tool for women to transform, and I was enamored by that process. You would look away, and then you would apply makeup, and you look so different. And as a little girl, I always loved drawing, and I loved art. Then as time progressed I could start doing my makeup and I [thought] I’m actually not too bad at this. So I kept at it. 

Were you set on pursuing a career as a makeup artist from the start? Or did the hobby slowly develop into a career pursuit?  

Around 2014, I started taking it more seriously [because] I started doing it as a side hustle. I worked in the medical field. I used to be a medical assistant. So I would work my full time job. And then I would work on the weekends doing makeup. I remember I started doing makeup from my bedroom while I was still living with my mom. Then I just kind of started from there. And I never stopped since. [In] 2014, it took off and I eventually left my job to pursue it full time. 

Was there a specific style of makeup popular in your community that you were exposed to at a young age. 

Yes. My sister would always do dramatic eyebrows. [This] was in the 90s so people were very into thin brows. But my sister would have thick eyebrows. Also I remember there was a Spanish telenovela where there was a particular actress that [my sister] really liked. And she would do her makeup like her. My sister would also do winged eyeliner. I used to think it was the coolest thing. So yeah, I feel like eyebrows and eyeliner were the first things that I loved. 

In your work, is there a specific look that is popular among clients? 

Yes and it’s called soft glam. But it’s funny because even though it’s called soft glam, there’s nothing soft about it. But I love soft glam makeup because the tones used, like on the eyes are softer. It’s more browns and creams and matte colors. Also I feel like it can really enhance a woman’s features. For example, having the skin look flawless and contouring or bronzing. Even enhancing the brows so if someone has, let’s say thinner brows, you make them look more prominent. That way it’s more complimentary to the client. Soft glam, I feel, is the most transformative. Women feel beautiful because they’re still very glamorous. But it’s still soft, so they still look like themselves. 

Pivoting to Tuhlz, is it a one-man operation or do you have a team behind the scenes? 

So, I started by myself. Tuhlz is composed of two people – me and my business partner. We recently decided to outsource all of our shipping. But before that, I was shipping everything myself. I outsource certain things like packaging design, but I am totally hands on. It’s two people as of now. We’re trying to expand to get help with shipping because we’re continuing to grow and I can’t ship all hundreds of orders. I’m still a makeup artist. 

Tell us more about Tuhlz and why you decided to start a makeup tools business? 

Tuhlz is a very specific brand. We don’t sell makeup but makeup tools are just as important as the makeup. Having the proper sponge and the right tools is important especially as a makeup artist. I felt like there’s not a lot of opportunity or even companies that cater to the tools that makeup artists need. Even for an organization to condense your makeup kit, a lot of artists have to go to the dollar store or go out of our way to find toiletry bottles. So I thought why don’t I just come up with something that can not only help me, but other artists. What I like about Tuhlz is that a lot of our products have a twist to them. For example, there’ll be a lip gloss tool that already exists, but ours has a unique shape. It allows you to apply your products even better. So there are a lot of products like ours but [ours] are more efficient. They work better than what people are accustomed to using.

How was the transition from the medical field to the beauty industry? 

I actually am very grateful I had so much work experience. Working in high pressure environments helped me transition into my company. I can apply a lot of what I learned, you know, like how to email or speak to people as opposed to just being a beauty person. But I do try to really educate myself. I watch videos on e-commerce. I watch what successful brands do, their ads and graphics. How do they talk to their audience? From the beginning, I wanted [Tuhlz] to look like a real brand. I didn’t want it to look cheap; when you just start out, things can look a little cheap.

You’re also coming out with workshops and tutorials on your website. What will those look like? 

For the longest time I wanted to teach makeup. I would love to have instructional videos on my process from the perfect foundation to contour and highlight. So videos are readily available to anyone and not just makeup artists. I would love for everyone to have access to them and a PDF that shows [everything] step by step. Basically, you also get a written manual process.

What advice would you give people looking to enter the beauty business? 

Be consistent and be hungry. Once I started, I never stopped. If you’re passionate and you love what you do, you’re gonna be successful. And that pertains to any line of work. Because the more consistent you are, the better you get. Don’t just do it for the money because there are times the money may not come. But you have to put in the work in order to see something come out of whatever you’re doing.

Are there any makeup artists you admire? 

I love Makeup by Arielle. He’s incredible, he’s Dominican and from New York. I also love Kevin Long and Damian Diaz. [Diaz] is so young. I don’t even think he’s 25 years old and he’s amazing. 

What about makeup products or brands that are an absolute game changer? 

I really love Rare Beauty. I love her liquid blushes and her highlighters. Selena Gomez is killing it right now and she seems like a great person. 

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