UNIQLO’s New BlueCycle Jeans Program


UNIQLO’s New BlueCycle Jeans Program

In celebration of yesterday’s World Water Day, UNIQLO has announced its new BlueCycle jeans program in an effort to make denim production more sustainable within the brand.


About the Initiative

Developed in Los Angeles, BlueCycle innovates on the traditional denim production and washing process which relies on a considerable amount of water to get that worn-in look.

BlueCycle significantly reduces the amount of water used in the jeans finishing process by up to 99%. Laser distressing replaces sandpapering, reducing the burden on human workers and improving the work environment.


How this Compares to Traditional Denim Manufacturing

Pumice stones are typically used to distress jeans. UNIQLO uses powderless ecofriendly stones which reduces the number of washes required to get a lived-in look.

Ozone-mist washing machines require less water and use nanobubbles. This advanced technology has increased the sustainability in the denim production and finishing process.

UNIQLO is working with their denim partners to purify and reduce wastewater generated by the jeans making process, as well as reducing wastewater overall.

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