UNIQLO Denim Works for Everyone

UNIQLO Denim Works for Everyone

Globally we are in a time of comfort and casual clothes. Fewer people are going out and more are staying in. Uniqlo has a wide range of denim that provides a comfortable casual look that is easy to dress up when the time comes.

UNIQLO sells both men’s and women’s denim in a wide variety of different shapes, sizes, and colors.

The price range of denim is affordable only  $19.90 to $49.90 with a full range of sizes on their website.

The Men’s Denim collection. provides regular, slim, and skinny fits denim. “UNIQLO has fashion-forward denim options for every menswear style, size, and preferred level of comfort.” Some of the most popular styles are the EZY jeans, Ultra Stretch, and other selvedge options.

The Women’s Denim collection brings style to comfort at an affordable rate. “UNIQLO’s women’s denim has the best value for anyone looking for quality jeans for any style and price point.” High-rise jeans with cropped cut provide a more fashion-forward look while the slimmer styles are created with stretch to provide maximum comfort.

The Ultra Stretch Denim is UNIQLO’s stretchiest denim. They are created with “a 40% stretch rate, and an 80% recovery rate.” This allows the denim to contour to the customers’ shape and snap back to its original shape when not being worn. The denim is crafted with a polyester yarn which not only helps with the stretch but makes the jeans more durable in areas that easily tear.

Images Via UNIQLO

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