Trendy Color Combinations For The Summer

Trendy Color Combinations For The Summer

This Spring/Summer is for the color rebel who isn’t afraid to be loud and proud! Earlier this year, The Pantone Color Institute, a trend forecasting and colour consultancy, reported that the Spring/Summer colors of the year were Spun Sugar (Blue), Gossamer Pink, Innuendo (Pink), Sky Diver (Blue), Daffodil (Yellow), Glacier Lake (Blue), Harbor Blue, Coca Mocha (Brown), Dahlia (Purple), and Poinciana (Red).  Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director of the Pantone Color Institute, explained that these Spring/Summer colors are timeless and celebrate playfulness. While the year’s trending colors have been disclosed, many still have trouble incorporating these colors into their wardrobe. It is essential to understand that with fashion and color, there are no rules! It’s less about matching and more about complimenting. Here are four trendy color combinations for the summer:

1. Orange & Brown

Surprisingly the uncommon duo is becoming popular and pairs perfectly together. Orange adds a pop of color to the more subtle brown and is best if used as the accessorizing color. Brown garments with orange bags and shoes complement each other well. Not to mention the duo looks incredible, especially on those with brown skin tones and orange/red undertones.

Credit: Pinterest @shoplookio

2. Hot Orange & Fuchsia

The orange and fuchsia/purple combo is no new trend; it’s timeless! Orange and purple are secondary colors on the color wheel, so it is no surprise that the two pair well together. Both colors are bold and combine to make an even louder statement.

3. Hot Orange, Blue, & Green

Orange, glue, and green are another tropical color combination; it is almost reminiscent of a peacock’s feather, an animal known to reside in the tropics. Blue is a primary color and, when mixed with the others, creates the secondary colors green and orange. Again, it is no surprise that these colors pair perfectly. Many brands have designed and released patterned garments that display all three colors together.

4. Lime Green & Rich Green

Pairing lime green and rich green makes the perfect summer monochromatic look. The lime green and rich green pairing make the ideal combo for a tropical vacation because the colors reflect nature and the many tropical plants. This color combo is also suitable for those who wish to incorporate color into their wardrobe without it being extremely bold.

Hot orange is beyond question a summer wardrobe staple! It pairs well with many other colors and is very versatile. Orange can be used to accessorize, add a pop of color to a rather subtle look, and make a statement. 

These are four trending color combos to ensure you incorporate color into your wardrobe this summer season without looking like a Crayola box.

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