Celebs Love Silver Manis

Celebs Love Silver Manis

Christmas is almost here! Snow will soon fall and leave the sidewalk glistening and glowing in shades of silver and white. As the holiday season rolls around, what better way to show your festive spirit than with a fresh mani! Trends come and go, especially with nails, but silver seems to stay the “It Girl” color of 2023. Here are a few celebrity approved silver nail manis that’ll make you pack up your bag and run over to the salon!

Jennifer Lopez

PHOTO: @tombachik

Complementing her stunning diamond jewelry, Jennifer Lopez sports a simple french tip. Subtly shiny, the mani accentuates her accessories flawlessly. Moreover, it appears that almond-shaped nails are “in” for winter 2023, so act fast! This look is perfect for meeting the in-laws at Christmas dinner, or wrapping presents on the 24th!

Charlize Theron

PHOTO: @tombachik

Charlize Theron’s nails are extra cool with a chrome finish—contrasting with her classic yellow gold Dior rings, she has the look down to a t. Mixing metals is another trend for all of 2023, so don’t worry about being a “gold girly” or a “silver girly,” be both!

Anne Hathaway

PHOTO: Mark Cuthbert/UK Press/Getty Images

Anne Hathaway killed the minimalist, abstract silver nail look on the red carpet. Complementing her creme and silver dress that gave royal vibes, her natural nails shone. With just the ring finger fully immersed in glitter, each nail continued the trend of a silver tip. I love this manicure!

Megan Fox

PHOTO: Lester Cohen/Getty Images

Megan Fox’s long, extravagant nails were absolutely stunning to look at. According to TheZoeReport, “Fox’s incredibly lavish 2023 Grammys manicure was actually 14-karat white gold. Nail artist Britteny Boyce worked with Marrow Fine Jewelry to 3D scan the metal to fit gel extension tips, then inlaid each silvery nail with 150 white diamonds.”

Featured Photo: @sooyaaa__

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