When Music Meets Fashion: Travis Scott And Dior Collab

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On June 25, 2021, Dior hit Paris Men’s Fashion Week 2021 by storm – with new eye catching designs. The highly profiled brand showcased their newly announced collaboration with American rapper, Travis Scott. This marks Dior’s first ever time collaborating on a complete fashion collection with a musician. The collection showcase was streamed live on Friday via Dior’s YouTube channel. The Dior collection is directly affiliated with Travis Scott’s brand, Cactus Jack. Under Cactus Jack, Scott has landed several other collaborations with other highly acclaimed brands.

News began sparking a while ago about the potential collaboration with Dior and Scott. Many went online and posted pictures of Scott wearing a long brown coat with the name of Dior embroidered on the back. Later, the collaboration was confirmed by an official announcement directly from Dior. Dior announced on their official Instagram page, “Get ready for #CactusJackDior, the #DiorSummer22 collection that represents a conversation between @MrKimJones and musical artist @TravisScott.” Along with the announcement, Dior teased a quick clip featuring several graphics of a cactus with the use bright colors of pink, green, and brown.


Courtesy of Dior (Travis Scott x Dior Collection)

Pictured above is a look from the Travis Scott and Dior collaboration. The color green was seen frequently throughout the entire showcase. Here, we see a male model wearing a bright neon green shirt with pink, teal and white accents, and a long sleeved plain neon shirt underneath. The bottoms are also neon green colored, and they create a flare-shape around the toes.


Courtesy of Dior (Travis Scott x Dior Collection)

In this look, the neon green color is still making an effect. The male model is seen carrying a neon green mini tote and wearing a neon green colored top. This time around, the color scheme of brown is introduced. A brown windbreaker is worn over the neon green top and styled with brown flared pants. The Dior name is seen embroidered at the corner of the windbreaker,

Courtesy of Dior (Travis Scott x Dior Collection)

In the Travis Scott and Dior collaboration, the color scheme is created with bright and dark colors. Here is another look that plays around with a variety of colors. This male model is wearing a bright neon yellow sweater with brown, peach and white colored accents. Another set of brown flared pants are worn in this look as well. To top off the look, the model is wearing a bright neon green bucket hat.


Courtesy of Dior

Dior created an American western-themed stage display for their male models to walk on. The stage set-up was inspired by both Christian Dior and Travis Scott, as both contributed a crucial piece of their lives. The display paid homage to Scott’s home state of Texas, known for its desert setting, and to Dior’s childhood home in Granville, a small secluded town surrounded by the beauty of nature. The show exhibited its theme of nature, hence the cactus, canyons, mushrooms, skies, and flower touches. The show included a total of 57 iconic key looks. Currently, the showcase is still available for the public to watch in its entirety via Dior’s YouTube channel.



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